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Law Temple

Acts 2:46-47 Peter and this early church in Jerusalem were acting like a sect of Judaism in practically all that they did. Every day they went to temple.  Why are they hanging around the temple, which is something Jesus ruined?  When Jesus died on the cross, God tore the veil of the temple in two from top to bottom. What does this mean?

The veil of the temple separated the most holy place from the rest of the temple, and the world. Once a year, the high priest would enter the most holy place to meet with God and receive the parable of forgiveness. I call it a parable because the blood of bulls and goats could never take away sin. The temple was just an example of how Jesus would really take away sins on the cross. So when the cross was accomplished, God opened up the holy place to be a holy place no more.  “Holy” means “separated”. This veil separated until God tore it. The temple ceased to be where God dwelt. Now we worship God – not in Jerusalem or in Samaria, but everywhere.  So Peter, every day, went to the place that once stood for God, but does so no longer. Peter was earnest toward the temple. He persevered in the temple. He was constantly diligent for the temple. He attended assiduously all the exercises of the temple, as per the Greek. But the world was left alone because Peter was waiting for Jesus to return right away. 

Peter and this Jerusalem church broke bread, ate meat, were glad, had a smoothness of heart, and praised God in their deception. Good thing God is patient and kind. I’m glad God was that way with them, because I want Him to be that way with me. In verse 47 it says that Peter and this church enjoyed the favor of the Israelites. I can’t help but think of all the suffering Paul went through, and all the persecution from his fellow Jews. Maybe Paul should have forgotten about the Gospel, gone to the temple, and acted like a sect of Judaism. He would have had a better time of it, but the world would have been lost. I take verse 47 as a bad, shameful verse, not a good one.  The life of Peter reflected the life of the first century Jew. That’s why he enjoyed favor, while Paul was beaten. Peter stayed inside the camp, but as Hebrews says “Let us go to Him outside the camp bearing the disgrace He bore”. Hey Peter, Jesus is outside the camp.