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Las Vegas or Broadway – Vegas Strip

There’s a reason as to why Las Vegas is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. There are things for just about anyone to do in the city. While Broadway in New York does have a great amount of shows for people to catch the variety of entertainment on the Las Vegas Strip is just too great.

First there are the traditional casinos. When people go to Las Vegas the odds are very good they’ll head out to the casinos and gamble their money on all sorts of games. From slots and cards to roulette and keno there are many ways how people can have fun at one of these places. There are even some good restaurants and sportsbooks to be found at these places.

Next there are the shows. Broadway offers many musicals and plays from both today and yesterday and if you go off-Broadway you can get some more things including a few one-man shows. While this is interesting there is a greater variety to be seen in Las Vegas than on Broadway. A wide variety of different performers call Las Vegas home. Some of these performers are singers while others are comedians and there are many different magicians and performance groups around the Strip too. In fact with so many different options there are practically things for anyone to enjoy.

Even the subsets of shows on the strip are great to see. For instance, there are many interactive shows that people can enjoy ranging from improvisational comedy shows to game shows to hypnosis shows. There are shows that cater towards kids and some that cater towards adults.

Even the unique architecture of the strip is something to observe. While Broadway has various different theaters the Las Vegas Strip features a variety of different hotels and resorts with some of the most amazing visuals that you will ever see. These include miniature replicas of major cities, massive light displays and huge fountains. There are all sorts of unique things that you would only be able to see in Las Vegas.

Don’t get me wrong but Broadway does have a great amount of entertainment value. However the greater number of options on the Las Vegas Strip and the variety that can offer things for practically anyone to enjoy make it a place that offers more things. It only makes sense that this place is the clear winner in this debate.