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Lady Gaga Versus Madonna

Each generation breeds its own set of singers, dancers, models, actresses, etc., so it comes to no surprise that the new contender for modern electro pop music is Lady Gaga. Many believe Madonna’s stage show days are being replaced by new and “improved” shock glam genre music and many are confused as to see a major difference between these two power-Pop girls. After all, they’re both blonds, both Italian-American, both enjoy wearing strange, uncomfortable outfits, both uses stage names, both into charity, both famous, and both deemed stars of the pop music eras; so, where’s the difference?

There can be no greater comparison made when the comparison occurs between the two artists themselves. Lady Gaga enjoys giving Madonna a lot of credit for her musical influence, style, and attitude whereas Madonna both welcomes and shuns the little singer. Madonna, like any other diva-like star, prefer to acknowledge Lady Gaga as a “mini” version of her fame and declares that she is too unique to be replaced; however, she never included if she felt that her title of pop queen stardom has been taken.

Madonna’s fame did not start overnight and neither did Lady Gaga’s. Madonna’s fame was the result of her motivation and an extreme drive to succeed, likewise, Lady Gaga too had a drive to become the very best. Madonna entered into Dance school whereas Lady Gaga Both have songs that will go down in history as exceptionally catchy, worthy of being made fun of, and top iTunes sellers. When it comes to selling albums, these women know how to do it.

Another similarity is the type of music, some lyrical analyst find Catholic symbols, in some form, were in both women’s songs as a way of “bashing” the Catholic religion through shocking statements or actions, such as Lady Gaga’s act of swallowing rosary beads in her ‘Alejandro’ music video. While the media covers the most basic similarities of fame, such as tracking which songs were similar, their physical appearance, their shock-value music, and which albums topped which charts, people are not aware of the fact that since there is a lack of originality that exists in the music industry, it is a cut-throat and often competitive world.

Madonna’s fame was self-centered and her rise was guided through her own talents and luck, whereas, Lady Gaga, from a very early point in her musical career managed to team up with already known singers, such as Beyoncé. What had taken Madonna years to accomplish, Lady Gaga managed to market herself to a large electro-pop loving fan base in a manner of days using the internet and its numerous social media means. Even now, Lady Gaga updates her status on Facebook and tweets to her “little monsters” on

er. While Madonna was from an era without the help of free social media marketing, she had gained her fame through popularity alone and still maintains an international fame to this day.

Through their similarities and differences, the two singers have one very common thing between them and that is influence. Both stars are said by both Forbes magazine, as well as many teen magazines, to have a great influence over their fans and people in general. People simply note what they do and unlike other stars, such as Britney Spears, they aren’t getting overly tired of them; however, Lady Gaga is still young and has a whole decade left for ridicule and decline of fame that is in store for all generations, but as Madonna admits, one generation will quickly “be replaced” by another in time.