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Labyrinth Character Analysis Sarah

Sarah is the main character and protagonist in the movie, Labyrinth. She is directly opposed by Jareth, The Goblin King and the leader of the Labyrinth. Sarah is a character that is very interesting from the very beginning of the film as she displays qualities that are creative, fantastical and out of the ordinary, especially when compared to every day norms. However, Sarah is also a character with many depths and there are clearly countless reasons for her personality traits and unique qualities.

In the beginning of the movie, Sarah is seen reciting lines from a play alone. She then runs home and is told that she is being forced to babysit her baby brother, Toby. Sarah does not take kindly to being told this and kicks up a fuss. It is the dialogue in this part of the movie that shows that Sarah is not happy at home. The fact that she also does not have any friends throughout the movie and relies on fantastical storylines that she herself creates, not to mention, talking to teddy bears with fantasy names, shows that she could potentially be a recluse or a hermit.

Sarah inadvertently takes out her frustrations on her baby brother when he will not stop crying and without realizing it, she summons the wrath of Jareth, the Goblin King and all of his evil goblin minions, who consequently kidnap Toby. Sarah is then forced to travel through the Labyrinth in attempts to save her baby brother.

While travelling through the Labyrinth, Sarah shows her true colours. She is very kind hearted, helpful and very polite. She is also very sociable which contradicts the possibility of her being a hermit or an unsociable recluse. Sarah’s only intentions are getting to the castle at the end of the Labyrinth and saving her baby brother.

Sarah has several encounters with Jareth and in one particular scene, the classic ball room scene; Sarah shows that she could potentially have love for Jareth, and vice versa. In the climax of the movie, when Sarah saves Toby and returns to her house, it is all revealed to apparently be a figment of her imagination, although she then celebrates her victory with the characters that helped her.

If the movie is just that, a figment of Sarah’s imagination, then it is perfectly possible that all of the characters who were created to help her were the kind of people she wanted as friends in the real world, only she was too shy or too scared to go out and find them. The same can be said for Jareth; the beautiful, handsome man who could quite easily be her dream lover in her mind, yet again, she is too scared to search for him.

There are so many things throughout the film that point to Sarah’s inability to accept society and modern life. She is lost in her own fantasy from the very beginning of the film, where she is acting out a play by herself, and the Labyrinth in its entirety could quite easily be a figment of her own imagination that is showcasing her hopes, her dreams and featuring the people that she is craving for so badly in her life, both friends and her lover alike. Needless to say, there are countless aspects of Sarah’s personality that could be critically analyzed to mean countless different things. She is a very versatile, multi-layered character.