Open up the paper, turn on the tv, or find your favorite blog and you are likely to see another celebrity pulled over for DUI. We have all seen the pictures of Lindsey Lohan, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton and numerous other Hollywood stars. The photos are all the same. Celebrity A, B, or C in a daze,with their eyes glazed over, hair looks like it has been hit by a lightning bolt, staring dead eyed, obviously unaware of what is even going on. In Paris Hilton’s case, this look is permanent. Not that this is a joking matter, but at times, it feels as though it is.

This is a really sad sight to see, especially when so many young people look up to these so-called role models, but again that may be part of the problem. Regardless, as a society none of us our doing our part. The parents continue not to monitor what or who their children are being exposed to. The police and judges continue to give these “stars” breaks that none of us would get. It is already a big enough problem that drunk driving in general does not get the credence it deserves. Probation, getting sent to the local jail for a few months or temporary loss of a license is nothing compared to people losing their lives. It does not make things ok, just because no one was killed. If any of us were to say shoot at one another with pistols, I doubt that would be overlooked just because no one got hurt.

We need to get these people off the the roads permanently and make sure they receive the treatment that they need. Though I would not try to justify the act,these people are in positions and have the means to hire someone to drive them around if they are in an intoxicated state. Just because someone entertains us in their profession, does not mean that we should use their personal lives as spectacles or for our amusement. Unfortunately, the movie companies, music executives, newspapers outlets and television stations insist on giving these people press for their misdeeds and irresponsible behavior. If anything, it is has gotten to the point that the more senseless acts that one commits, the more compelling and more marketable they are. Then of course you have the hounds, who come out wanting to add another notch on their belt by trying to turn these individual’s lives around or purely get their careers back on track. This would not be so much of a problem, if these people actually had an interest in the actual person and not the fame and fortune associated with them.

We really need to start taking a look at ourselves and decide if this is something that we want to condone. You can say that just because you do not take a stand against their behavior does not mean that you agree with it, but you would be wrong. Every time you pick up the tabloids, visit a website, or turn on some other media station that promotes this garbage then you are supporting it because you are putting money in someones pocket. Your money is further incentive for whoever, to keep writing, publishing and showing you these stars behaving badly. Please do not be one of those to glorify driving under the influence, because there have been far too many lives that have been, will be and are still be affected by it.