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Knight of Swords Understanding the Tarot

The tarot deck is a wonderful set of cards that help us to look at things in a different light. These cards include a major and minor arcana, and the minor arcana is made up of four suits. Each suit contains four court cards just like a deck of playing cards. The four court cards are the page, knight, queen, and king. The knight represents duality, and this causes its meaning to be more complex than any of the other court cards. The knight cards may seem a little confusing, but this article will help you grasp the deeper meaning of the knight of swords. 

The knight of swords is pictured by a knight in full armor. He wears a red cape, and he rides a white horse. The knight is charging forward with his sword pointed to the sky. This card symbolizes being direct, authoritative, incisive, knowledgeable, and logical, but since it is a knight card these traits can also come through with a negative connotation. The knight of swords can also suggest the characteristics of being rude, overbearing, mean, opinionated, and cold.

The knight is a card that suggests being direct and to the point. The knight does not have time for nonsense, and he likes to speak frankly. He is the type of person who will let others know the truth and where they stand with him. The knight can sometimes be tactless and rude because of this trait, and he does not spare the feelings of others. The knight shows little or no discretion sometimes.

This card symbolizes authority, and the knight commands attention, and is very self confident. He is a natural leader, and he finds it easy to give orders. The knight of swords is a very influential person, but he can be overly domineering, and he has the tendency to force others into agreement. The knight of swords expects people to immediately agree, and he does not take kindly to those who do not want to follow his lead.

The knight of swords is a very sharp and alert person; he is good at debate, and he argues well. This man has a keen wit, and he expresses himself well. The knight of swords may over value his intelligence and because of this he may be rude and hurtful. The knight of swords has a tendency to be critical and insensitive, and he does not like those he feels are less intelligent than him.

The knight of swords is knowledgeable and he can even be considered an expert. He is very smart, and he knows many things. The knight of swords is very intellectual, but he may become arrogant because of it. The negative aspect of this trait is that the knight may always think he is right, and he may be very close minded because of this.

This card implies that things should be thought through logically, and the knight of swords is good at setting aside emotions in order to make sense out of situations. He is very good at analyzing and absorbing facts. The knight of swords is a person who reasons well, but he may become cold and aloof because of this. He may also treat people with out emotions, and he does not respect intuition.

The knight of swords is a man who is very smart, logical, direct, and authoritative, but he can make these characteristics negative by being cold, arrogant, rude, and overbearing.