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Kathie Lee Gifford Kelly Ripa Live Regis Kelly Regis Philbin Morning TV – Kathie Lee

When Kathie Lee was on the Live show every morning, I thought the show was boring, and that Kathie Lee would steal Regis’s thunder one too many times. And she actually became very annoying talking about her ever so perfect homelife. Then we found out that homelife wasn’t so perfect. Did we really need to hear about her son Cody every morning?

And with that said here’s a big BUT, now that she is gone and has been replaced by Kelly Ripa, I think they should bring her back on the show and take away Kelly. Kathie Lee was so funny comapred to Kelly. Kelly has a very blase attitude towards everything. Besides the fact that she is so skinny, it looks like she works out too much and needs to eat a sandwich or two.

Kathie Lee was personality driven, whereas Kelly is not personality driven. She seems to lack in having a personality. She lets Regis blather on about nothing. I know this may sound cruel, but does it seem that Regis is getting a little too old to do the show anymore? He’s a little two slow on the old uptake compared to the super fast talking Kelly.

Besides all that, Kathie Lee and Regis worked great together and made a great team. Kathie Lee would say something silly and Regis would roll his eyes. They made a great comedy team. They had a great show together. They actually seemed like they were wonderful friends off the air. Certainly with this terrific pairing, the two had a great 15 year run on the show.

Personally, I thought that Kathie Lee was very annoying when she was on Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. But, Kelly just seems to be more annoying. At this point in time, its kind of like you have to judge who is the least annoying out of the two women. That comes down to Kathie Lee being less annoying and a lot more interesting. Kelly just seems to be very annoying, and kind of like she is very plastic. She seems like she has nothing going on in her brain. Hey, maybe that’s great acting, but it comes out to dull central.

Kelly is gaining more confidence as the show goes on, and is kind of taking over. Kathie Lee had more personality, and was funny. Kelly is just kind of who she is, and this I find annoying. She talks too fast, wears outfits that are not good looking clothing, and she can’t sing.

Kathie Lee could sing at least. Regis and Kathie Lee singing Christmas songs was the only reason for tuning into the show during the holidays.

Everybody knows Kathie Lee utilized the show to make more money. It was her personal promotional machine. But she worked the promotional machine so magically, that it worked so well. Kathie Lee is who she is, and if people found her annoying, then why were the ratings on the show so huge? Something must have been working with the pairing of Regis and Kathie Lee for the show to have received great ratings for 15 years.

So this is what I’m saying: Bring back Kathie Lee. Get rid of Kelly, super plastic, stick girl. She is too skinnny, drips with zero personality, and is seriously dull. Besides by bringing back Kathie Lee we can get an updade on what Cody is like now.