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Karen Pavlicin Life after Deployment Review

Karen Pavlicin’s book entitled Life After Deployment: Military families share reunion stories and advice had made a wonderful job in educating its readers with the experiences of having a relative, more particularly a husband or a son that are in service and deployment. For the part of the families and relatives of the deployed personnel, the book had become a helpful guide in providing support for and company of the families that were left at home.

The book of Karen Pavlicin is a compilation of numerous stories and biographies of different families. In the book, they shared their experiences that they encounter during the deployment. The hardships were not only limited to the deployment itself but rather even to the reunion of the family after the duty. Being a soldier, going home does not bring you the same person. Most homecomings and reunions are accompanied by anxieties, depressions, injuries and other different trials that are very hard for the part of the soldier and for his or her families.

Karen Pavlicin had managed to educate their readers most especially the families that have someone in duty that they are not the sole family that experiences those kinds of hardships and trials. The book tells its readers most especially these families that they are one with the thousands or even tens of thousands of families that experience it. To be able to know that you are not alone in your problems is such a great relief in your feelings and emotion. In addition, as you read the stories of other wives, husbands, children and families, you can extract some ways on how to adapt when someone you love is overseas in the brink of danger.

In case that you do not have any family member that is in service and you are just curious about the book, it is still worthwhile. The readers of Karen Pavlicin wll surely be touched on how the stories of this families are told. You will definitely cry and feel empathy for them as you read their heart-warming stories. It will widen your perspective about the difficulty of the experiences of our soldiers and their families. You will zoom yourself in the real arena, wherein the real battleground can be found. There is a fight for hope for these families that someday their loved ones will return and they will be able to go back to their lives before the deployment.

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