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Jonathan Rhys Myers our King Henry Viii on Tudors and Elvis Movie Career

“I’m the King of England!’ Jonathan Rhys Myers as King Henry VIII on Showtime’s hit series The Tudors

When CBS cast the role of Elvis to a young Irish Lad for their 2005 Mini-Series ‘Elvis’ It is certain that Elvis fans nationwide

were stunned. Why would CBS cast someone from Ireland when Elvis was Southern? After Jonathan Rhys Myers Golden Globe Winning performance as ‘The King’ in the hit Mini-series there was no more doubt!

Myers, born Jonathan O’Keeffe in 1977 was ‘discovered’ by a talent scout began his career in 1994. Myers also a musician, has an impressive list of movies such as ‘Velvet Goldmine, Alexander, Bend It Like Beckham, Match Point, Prozac Nation, Octaine, The Lion in Winter and Vanity Fair’ He has worked with some of Hollywood’s ‘royalty’and he also starred in ‘August Rush’ and ‘Mission Impossible III’ In 2006, Myers began his role as King Henry VIII in the Showtime Hit Series, ‘The Tudors’.

Since his role in ‘Elvis’ many critics have ‘chopped off Myers head’ for some of his roles. Myers has been nominated for the Golden Globe for his role on The Tudors for both seasons but has not won. This year we will be able to enjoy Myers electrifying sexual charged performance as Henry VIII in Season 3 and he will co-star with John Travolta in ‘From Paris With Love’ and ‘Shelter’ with Julianne Moore. And this young King of Hearts has just been cast in what may be his most challenging role to date. Jonathan will play a dual role as the Angel Gabriel and as Lucifer in ‘Mary, Mother of Christ’ being produced by Mary Aloe (Higalgo) and Director Alejandro Agresti (The Lake House) filming is set to begin in May 2009. Jonathan’s co-star from The Tudors, Peter o’Toole and Camilla Belle (10,000 BC) has also been cast. This may be the year Jonathan Rhys Myers will be ‘crowned’ as one of the ‘new kings of acting!’ His Majesty the King is doing very well indeed.

This handsome and compelling Irish Lad destined to play 2 Overweight Kings, has shown he can take on any role as an actor especially in the past 2 years. Some of Myers performances as Henry VIII have been captivating. There is a significant growth that you notice as he plays Henry VIII from Season 1 then Season 2. Season 3 proves to be even better! Myers seems to be a very outspoken, direct yet also a private and serious young man. For Myers life has been rough especially the past few years. His mother passed away in who is on the ‘verge’ of a royal career of being one of the best actors in his generation. Critics who practice Anarchy against our ‘young king’ will be pleased with Myers in 2009 as this year will be his crowning moment.