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John Locke Lost

John Locke is a complicated man. He had a rough childhood going in and out of foster care. He later met his real mother and father but that was not necessarily a good thing. John Locke ends up giving his dad part of his liver and saved his life. What did his dad do in return? He pushed John Locke out of a window because he was trying to give him some advice about something. While he was in recovery a man that John Locke had never met before tells him to go on a trip for self discovery. He needed to figure out who he is and his purpose on earth. John decides to go to Australia for a walkabout adventure, but he could not do not it because he could not walk. He gets on the flight to return home and of course the flight is Oceanic 815.

Is it a coincidence that there was a man named John Locke in the 1600s? The real John Locke was a philosopher who focused on self discovery. He was part of the Enlightenment period which was when a lot of questioning went toward tradition and morals. People wanted to be free and make their own decisions. His type of liberal thinking had a lot to with the Declaration of Independence. The point is he started on a journey of self discovery and ended up having a big impact on the way people think. His story is similar to that of the John Locke character on Lost.

On the island he is miraculously healed and can walk again. He eventually becomes the leader of the Others by discovering how strong he really is mentally. He causes a lot of mischief on the island to get to the leadership position. I think that there are some occasions that he surprises himself at his own strength. He realizes that this is a divine appointment. He knows that he is meant to be on the island for a reason. His thinking of there is a reason that they are on island and it was not just a plane crash enlightened others to that idea. Last season he figures out his purpose was to save his friends who were trapped in a time travel triangle. He does save them but in order to accomplish the goal he must first lose his life.

John Locke started out in life as a person who had no direction, no purpose. He died to fulfill his purpose but is he really dead? It takes a plane crash on an island to help him realize his purpose. Is the plane crash really an accident or was it set up? We will find out in the last season.