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Jewish Feasts

The Jewish feasts are like treasure ready to be discovered. Celebrating them opens the door to changing your family’s life forever. They actually are an extension of the life-giving power of Jesus. Let’s take a look at the 7 reasons you will want to make them a permanent part of your life.

1) Awesome displays of God’s miracles in the early Church were common UNTIL the middle of the 4th century. They began to
disappear when the Roman emperor Constantine discouraged any connection between the Church and observing the Jewish feasts
at the Council of Nicaea in 325AD. I am suggesting there is a strong relationship between celebrating the feasts and experiencing God’s miraculous power in your life.

2) I think almost all Christians would agree that God is the author of time. So why would the concept of God having His own calendar be so strange? He revealed this calendar to the Jewish people, but it’s available to you and me. We operate on what is called the Roman calendar. Hidden in God’s calendar are many opportunities for us to experience the fullness of His blessings. Is it time for you to make room for the Hebrew calendar?

3) A strong start is vital to our success in life. We see this in building a strong foundation for our houses. We see it in how we plan any new project. God recognized our need for strong beginnings by giving us 13 chances each year to get our lives on track and KEEP them there. These are called the First-fruits Celebrations. Through them, you can tap into a new ability to start strong and rise to the top.

4) Are you overcoming the obstacles you face in life on a regular basis? This may surprise you,  but Scripture is full of encouragements for us to walk in the power of God. We are called “overcomers”, “conquerors”, and “dominion-takers.” Get ready to see God’s life-changing power operating in your family as you do 1 simple thing. Follow the Lord’s instruction of keeping the Sabbath day holy.

5) Celebrating the Jewish feasts is an exciting way to bring your family together and prepare them for the challenges of life. Today’s culture is dividing and weakening our families. The average parent spends 10 minutes of quality time with their children each day. These feasting times are full of chances to create fun family memories. Families need to learn how to become teams again and have fun doing it. Your family, not the public school system, is the springboard for your children to launch off into a successful lives.

6) If anyone has something to celebrate about, it should be Christians. Can others see the celebration going on in your life? With all the negative stuff going on around us, more family parties are needed. And what’s a great party without delicious food? There are many delicious Jewish meals for you to enjoy.

7) You’ve heard the powerful question in Church circles – What Would Jesus Do? You may have even worn a WWJD bracelet. Well, would Jesus celebrate the Jewish feasts? Just look at the Gospel accounts and you can see that He did. The better we are at imitating Jesus, the more successful and joyful we will be in life.

Don’t miss out on the blessings available to you and your family. Begin the adventure found in the Jewish feasts now.