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Jesus 2nsecond Coming Armagedon Myths Rapture

Using President George Bush for an example, as he has already admitted that he talks and listens to God and takes his directives directly from Him, consider the following scenario.

Its’ three o’clock in the morning, a lame duck president lays asleep in his bed on the second floor of the White house. In a dream St Peter comes to him and tells him that the big guy is not to happy with the progress he has made here on earth, and if he wants to gain entrance at the pearly gates he’s going to have to make things start happening. All he has to do is get the battle of Armageddon going and God will handle the rest of it. Then the second coming of Jesus Christ can be accomplished during his watch as president, and he will be in the good graces of the Big guy, assuring himself a seat right next to the creator in that grand oval office in the sky.

What does he have to lose. His days as commander in chief of the greatest nation in the world are numbered, and there is nothing he can do about it. Oh yes, he can have some ghost writer piece together a memoir for him of his days in power, which he will lament leaving behind for the rest of his days. Of course, his buddies in the oil business are going to be to busy trying to buy the next president,to want to meet up on the links for a round of golf. And the lush travel accommodations once at his beck and call to fly him any where in the world he wanted to go, he would soon turn over to a guy he probably doesn’t even like. Yes, all the presidential perks of his mortal existence are soon to be rescinded, so why not start preparing for the afterlife?

St Peter departs him and he turns over still dreaming his options. He could be the greatest human of all time, a common day John the Baptist, baring the good news of Christ’s return. He could sit up there at the right hand of God and watch the rapture take place. Wouldn’t it be grand? Wouldn’t the people love him as they did God for doing the right thing, for hastening the return of the Savior. Now he would finally have the approval ratings he deserved. Yes, by virtue of his power as president, he could become the salvation of man kind, just as Christ had, and all he’d have to do to make it so, was to start Armageddon.

The president is awakened from his dream and sits up in his bed. Now awake he mutters to himself, ” yes I can do it.” He jumps up, grabs his robe and heads out the door into the hallway. He starts down the stairs and is met at the bottom by a secret service agent who he calls “Bob,” and says: “follow me Bob.” He enters an elevator with Bob tagging along, which takes him to a lower level of the White House, where the situation room is. He opens a small black suitcase he has brought along with him and inserts a key he pulls from his pocket. The little box beeps three times and the president punches in a code. Bob exclaims, “What are you doing Mr. president!” “Bob” the president replies, “I’ve just saved the world, I’ve just begun the glorious day when Jesus will return and take you and I and all the rest of the good people home to heaven.”

Could it happen? Of course, the scenario I have just described is totally fictional, but one has to wonder if it, or something like it, could ever be a reality. On a smaller scale it has already happened. It happened to 912 members of the Peoples Temple church in Jones Town Guiana in 1978, when their leader Jim Jones decided it was time to end their world and step into heaven. It happened again in 1993, when David Koresh, leader of the Branch Davidians decided their Armageddon was at hand. It happened when Marshall Applewhite convinced 38 people in 1997, that the end times were near, and that their last chance for escape was to commit suicide, so their souls could rendezvous with a spacecraft hidden behind the Hale Bop comet, and waiting there to take them to heaven. Bizarre? Certainly. But all of the folks of the Peoples Temple, the Branch Davidians, and the Heavens gate clan, were people just like the rest of us who got caught up in the dreams and ludicrous notions of men gone mad with belief in the second coming of Christ. And in their deluded state, these men themselves became Jesus within their own demented minds. So yes, it can happen, and it has happened, and myths about the second coming of Christ can be very dangerous for those who allow themselves to be scammed by madmen into believing such ludicrous notions.