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Islams Benefits

The light filled up the earth and enlightened the world, since He was born (PBUH). (Since that time) The humanity swerved off the darkness of ignorance to the light of  knowledge. The best nation appeared and took the lead of the world, the universal revival move began.

The new spiritual school was founded, taught the bases of coexistence.The principles of freedom, brotherhood and equality were imposed. Justice was administered, peace and love were spread.

The new teachings revived men, freed slaves, honoured women, took care of orphans and powerless people, supported the weak and the wayfarer.

Rights became real and confirmed. The woman became one of the heirs, after she was deprived from the inheritance. A part of the richs’ wealth became a right of poor and needy people.  Slaves got their freedom and learned the way to get it. Orphans became under the community protection.

Ja’far ibn abi Talib, made clear the cause of Islam, when he was chosen to speak for the Muslims, before the Abyssinian king. So he said, revealing its benefits: (1)

 “ 0 King, at first we were among the ignorant. We and our ancestors had turned from the faith of Abraham, who, with Ishmael, rebuilt the Ka’bah and worshipped only Allah. We used idols in our worship of Allah; we ate meat that had not been killed in the right way; we did not respect the rights of our neighbors; the strong took advantage of the weak. We did terrible things of which I dare not speak. This was our life until Allah sent a Messenger from among us, one of our relatives, whom we have always known to be honest, innocent, and faithful. He asked us to worship only Allah, and to give up the bad customs of our forefathers. He asked us to be truthful and trustworthy, to respect and help our neighbors, to honor our families, and to put a stop to our bad deeds and endless fighting. He asked us to look after orphans. He ordered us not to slander or speak evil of women or men. He ordered us to worship Allah alone and not to worship anyone or anything else alongside Him. He ordered us to pray, to give alms, and to fast. We believe he is right and therefore we follow him and do as he has commanded us “. (2)

In brief, rights were established since 7th century AD, there was 1400 years ago.

The lawful and unlawful became learned by custom, men and women enjoined what is just and prohibited what is evil. Good manners became the most dominant characteristic in the communities. The divine revelation became the guide of customs.

Safety pervaded on a great line of the earth: from (Andalusia) Spain to the end of India, in the south, and to Chinese desert in the north of Asia. Caravans went across thousands miles in total peace. Pilgrims went to Mecca in Arabia, either from the extreme East or from the extreme West and turned back to their homes peacefully. Ships cruised oceans bringing chinese and Indian products. The international trade began, because the coexistence between people had been established.

A global cultural move started throughout all the new Islamic cities. From Sivilla through Fes and  Qairawan to Baghdad, a scientific revolution emerged from a new nation’s efforts. Translation with creation contributed to wide invention and creativity in different kinds of knowledge. Besides religious sciences, the juridical studies, mathematics, medicine, astronomy, sailing, philosophy arts and various other sciences appeared and developed.

Great Arabic scholars’ names flew at the sky of knowledge until they touched the rank of stars that never set. Their traces were engraved in books as well as in memories. None of contemporary scientists and scholars can deny their favor, except who is ungrateful.

Muslims arrived to create a new humane civilization that the world had not  known alike before. It’s the Islamic civilization which imposed the fundamental bases of  knowledge. It was the platform upon which the European cultural revival was built.

The European students came from everywhere to the Iberian universities to learn, priests from Vatican had taken advantage of that opportunity too. Thus, the light of  knowledge could  invade all Europe, and then the world. Cordoba, Sivilla, Barcelona, Malaga, Valencia, and most other cities were the enlightening cultural centres.

After the Islamic downfall, about 13th century, Toledo had known a great cultural move, based upon a great translation campaign.

The Europeans at last found the precious treasure that they took into consideration and exploited, it was so a fundamental keystone of  the European Renaissance .

The light of Islam arrived then to enlighten the world. But most of people ignore this truth, even if there are some irrefutable proofs that it has really brightened. The occidental world use not only the Arabic numbers, which are undeniably the basis of contemporary development, but also different words derived fom arabic, existing in most living languages.

 Allah The Truth Has shown to the Islamic nation advantage when He said what is meaning:

« Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah. …” Holy Quran(Al-Imran:3/110)

Foot notes:

1 – Ja’far ibn abi Talib is Ali’s brother and a cousin of the Prophet (PBUH). This story happened when he was amongst the first Immigrated Muslims to Abyssinia. They were escaped from their people Quraysh, who sent two men to the king of Abyssinian in hopes of persuading him to send the Muslims back.

2 – From: http://mohammed.islamway.com/  : (The First Muslims).