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Islam Muhammad Allah Success and Peace Love Freedom Beauty

Many times deception is due to one observing the exterior of the matter they criticise. When one just turns their face away from the internal hues, they dive into a huge misconception- perhaps this is exactly how Islam is viewed in modern times.

Being a Muslim, I cannot imagine some of the words people utter negatively about Islam to be true.  Different people have different views, but when those views conflict with reality, it is hard to accept and revere them.

My personal belief is that Islam is a wonderful and peaceful religion indeed. I was slightly enraged by the actions of the French Prime Minister against the Muslim Women; hijaab is no oppression for me, in fact if there is anything that can free me on this earth then it is my hijaab. Islam made women precious like rubies or blocks of gold and being a Muslim woman I acknowledge that. In a society where women are used as toys, I, solely out of my own views believe that Islam gave freedom to these “toys” through the best technique.

What is beauty?

If person A says blue is beauty, person B says green is beauty and person C says red is beauty- who would you agree with? You would almost definitely orient towards the preference of one person. Similarly, I could say the lady with hijaab looks wonderful and you may say the lady with a bikini looks wonderful- but through so many conflicts, where is the reconciliation? Well, the answer is not that hard.

In Islam, the only thing that matters is seeking the pleasure of Allah; to follow the Shari’ah (or Islamic law) and uphold the Sunnah (actions, sayings and approvals of the prophet Muhammad, sallAllahu ‘alaihi wa sallam). By doing this everything amongst a Muslim can become beautiful, no matter how harsh the criticism.

What is peace?

A person might buy a mansion made of expensive stone or a car that looks irresistible- yet do we call this peace? No matter how expensive the item it will disintegrate one day and logically anything that does not last has no real value. It is a little like saying, 5-5 =0, 10-10 =0, 1000-1000 =0, 1000000-1000000 =0; the end result is absolutely the same. So what is true peace according to Islam? Pure submission to the will of the creator by following the example of the last messenger of Allah- Muhammad (sallAllahu ‘alaihi wa sallam).

This is from a Muslim point of view and this is how I truly feel about Islam. My podium for success, my respite for the soul and my ticket to Heaven…