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Is your Pal a Chatty Kathy how to get Rid of a too Talkative Friend

A friend of mine works with a woman named Kathy, who truly lives up to the oft-quoted moniker. And I’d like to give you some advice on dealing with this dangerous type of person, who so often drains ones sole.
Say something awkward to jar the talker, and cause them to back away. While this is a bit rude, and can cause an unwanted degree of emotional pain to someone you consider a friend, it is the easiest, and most expedient way of stopping a conversation. Try any of the following conversation stoppers:

1. “I killed a cat yesterday. On purpose. Did you say your daughter’s Tabby just ran away?”
2. Quote lyrics to violent (hopefully foreign) dark/black/death metal bands. Try Finntroll, Clandestine Blaze, Mayhem, Immortal, Knorkator (if you don’t translate), Von, or any band, really, who prides themselves on the complexity of their corpse-paint.
3. Carry around a dead animal (fake, if possible) and pull it out whenever they start talking.
4. Interrupt them at every possible moment until they get fed up and stop talking to you.
5. If all else fails, physically injure someone they care about a great deal and make it clear in no uncertain terms that they’re next unless they leave you alone.

I hope I was able to help a little bit. Try my methods and soon your Chatty Kathy will be no more than a few black-lit stains on the walls, or maybe just not so into talking to you anymore. Good Luck

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