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Is there a Hell

If you can only imagine your feet forever burning and never burn up; the screams and the smell of burning flesh in the cage next to you. You can only imagine begging to die and death has taken a holiday. My friend that is what hell will be like.  How do I know? God said it in His Word. The thing about Hell is; once you have made the choice to go- you can’t return—all tickets are one way.

If you are not Christian and don’t   believe in the Bible- you want believe there is a Hell. You believe that you are in control of your own life when in reality you are not in control of anything.  How many of you can stop death or what is going to happen to you tomorrow or the next minute?  You have no guarantee that you will live to see tomorrow. You will die it is just a matter of when. You will be judged if, you do not accept Christ. You must choose you this day, who you shall follow. For your choice make will determine where you live forever. We all will stand before the creator (God); the believers for their reward, and the non-believers for a final judgment.   Hell is real according to God’s word; the bible.  If I didn’t believe, are you really willing to gamble with the chance that it might be a Hell? The thing is when you wake up in hell it is too late. There is no going back if you don’t like what you see and start over.

Is there really a hell? Is the sky blue? Is death a part of life? The answers to each of the questions are yes. If there is a question or doubt about hell then the same question or doubt must apply concerning heaven.  You cannot have good without having evil. That would be like a coin with two heads and no tail. Hell is the place where a lot of good people will be not because they did so much wrong; but because they refuse to believe.

My friends if you are one that are not quite sure seek the truth for yourself. God is willing and waiting to answer all of your questions. You cannot convince a fool that believes in his heart there is no hell. But there is hope according to Romans 12:1-2 by the renewing of your mind.