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Is the Information in the Bible Relevant to Todays Classroom as a Textbook on every Subject – No

I’m sure as you can all see I voted no, and the argument behind my reason for saying no is simply, because the Bible holds no importance to the teachings and education of today’s youth. If we analyze the Bible, and the various claims that it makes, then we automatically see that it’s scientifically incorrect to an extreme degree, and not only is it incorrect in science, but it also has no demonstrations of math, language arts, or social studies that should be held up as necessary while learning.

The Bible is a book based on faith, and has been altered in many ways for political and religious reasons. All of the statements it makes “has no evidentiary support, and none of these statements can be historically verified. The word faith means to have a belief in something without examining, or questioning how valid it may be. In other words, it requires no critical thinking, and since it doesn’t require any essential contemplating and obviously has no chance of sounding probable on its own, then how can teaching the Bible in school be a good thing for education?

When we send our children to school we should be expecting them to learn on a logical level, and not by a certain belief. We already have an issue with teaching evolution in our schools, and when we do try to teach evolution it seems to be rejected by many students, and prevents a proper education, just for the simple fact that it cannot add up to the Bible’s mythical standards. Kurt Wise who earned a Ph.D. in Geology even said “If all the evidence in the universe turns against creationism, I would be the first to admit it, but I would still be a creationist, because that is what the word of God seems to indicate.”

I think it’s a shame that someone as well educated like him let his personal beliefs get in the way of proof, and logistics. If a book can do that, then how can bringing this Bible into our schools be good for children? I can honestly say that this should make a good point, and I hope it does for anyone reading this. I don’t have any children yet, but I am concerned for the future of education, and the children that I would like to bring into this world.