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Is Sirius Radio Worth the Price

Sirius Satellite Radio has definitely changed the face of radio as we have come to know it, but the value of its service depends greatly on your lifestyle, your job, and, of course, your income. If you rarely leave your community for any reason and are pleased with the current broadcast stations available, then Sirius may not be for you.

However, there are fewer and fewer of those types of people out there. If you are constantly on the road, especially between cities, and are tired of having to re-tune a station you like, or you want a more specific type of radio station, one that can never exist for free – then you want Sirius. With the broad spectrum of stations available and the fact that they add new ones all the time, you are never at a loss for anything to listen to. Everything from local weather to your favorite football or basketball team, Stand-up comedy, political talk affiliation, or just plain old college rock, alternative, garage punk, bluegrass, folk songs then you can find it on Sirius. Think about how many times you’ve turned off the radio or changed the station when the commercials came on and interrupted your air guitar solo marathon, you can’t get that vibe back. Plus with your Sirius subscription, you get to listen free over the Internet, so even at work you can play it in the background.

One of the most fantastic things about Sirius is you can be camping in the middle of Montana, hundreds of miles from civilization and still tune in your favorite artists, your favorite game, whatever. The only problems people have with Sirius are that the signal doesn’t travel through barriers well. Tall trees and buildings can affect your reception, so maybe where you live could be problematic. In most areas, though, you may get a signal drop-out very infrequently, hardly enough to regret your purchase. Also, the antenna needs a clear view of the sky, which means on the roof of your car, though many systems come already installed on newer automobiles or can be installed, when purchased, by qualified individuals. The stand alone systems are easily installed in a few minutes by even the most technologically challenged.

Sirius Satellite Radio can definitely perk up any trip whether it be cross country, cross state, or just across the way, plus most systems show the song and artist on a display in your car so you’re never having to wait to find out what’s on. Finally, for those still teetering, you can do month to month payment options, you’re not stuck with it forever. Check it out.