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Is it possible to be too Religious

When one looks back throughout this world’s bloody history, one thing stands out above all…religion. Religion has been one of the major causes for wars and terrorists strikes around the globe. Religion, above anything else, has been used as an excuse to enslave, to rape, pillage murder, and take over lands… all in the Name of God.

Human beings of whatever denomination, of whatever religion they follow, have all fallen into the same trap of believing wholeheartedly, that their religion is the ‘truth’. That because something has been ‘written down’ in a holy book, it then makes it right to murder and maim…and to hate.

From the Neo-fascists {such as the Ku Klux Klan} in the Bible Belt of the Deep South of America, who believe it is their God-given right to keep others of a certain race, beneath them, to murder them and treat them lower than animals, to Middle-Eastern terrorists who believe that Allah, wishes them to commit atrocities against others, simply because they are not Muslim, the bloodshed goes on unabated.

And one has to look at Israel too. The Jewish people should know about persecution, prejudice, and hatred. Yet their war with the Palestinians {in which they have murdered indiscriminately men, women and children, and stolen land that others had lived on for generations}, goes on unabated. The Palestinians too, believe that it is their God-given right to live were they are and so, they too, murder indiscriminately…all in the name of religion.

The bloody fight over land goes on, yet the Israelis continue to build their illegal homes on land that they say was given to them by God.  They do this whilst kicking out those who had homes there in the first place. It seems that the Jews are doing exactly what the Nazis had done to them, and all this in the Name of God? America too, who stole land that the American Red Indians had lived on for centuries, citing, religion and God, as one of the main reasons for this pillaging and murder of indigenous people.

The American Civil War, one could say, was the cause of the South wanting to keep her traditions, her way of life, and her ‘God-given’ right to ‘own’ slaves. The bloodshed that followed, because of this ’cause’, saw countless men cut down on the battlefields. And yet what was the war for?  The upholding of certain  ‘traditions’ within the South, ‘traditions’ that saw countless Africans herded like cattle, to become trapped in a nightmare of servitude, slavery and prejudice in a foreign land….in the Name of God?

 Of course, there was a lot more to the witch trials from the 15th through to the 18th centuries. So many innocents, tortured to death, because of the mindset of a those who believed what they were doing was right – saving the Church, and the poor souls of those they believed to be ‘possessed of the devil. 

The tortures used on innocent men, women,and children, were more akin to sado-masochism – and  yet the Name of God was used as an excuse to torture indiscriminately those women who happened to be widows, or have some kind of deformity, or those who simply ‘did not look right’.  This is what religious zeal means, and has meant throughout the ages.

Indeed, Roman Catholic priests, and nuns have been accountable for some of the most heinous crimes against children {child abuse} which the Vatican has now recognised and responded too, as a sin against God and His children. Adults who where looked after by priests, and nuns in the past, now tell, of the abuses they suffered under them. Because of their religious zeal, children suffered greatly at their hands.

Muslim terrorists use God as an excuse to kill and maim innocent people – whether they be Muslim or not. All are caught in terrorists strikes…strikes against humanity itself.   How far mankind has sunk, in the Name of God, and religious zeal is beyond anything that we can imagine.

This is what religious zeal means, and has meant throughout the world in the past. It continues, to this day, unabated. Until this curse is lifted from every nation, then there will always be those who will use the God, as an excuse to murder, pillage and rape human beings.