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Is Islam the Real Threat

Born of desert tribal culture and practices of the Arabian Peninsula and necessary to survive in the 7thcentury, Islam is an ideology frozen in time that spread through conquest and remains to this day a unique system of belief that mandates killing of disbelievers. So powerful is the grip of this ideology that to even question the writings of scripture, or dare to vocalize the slightest doubt risks inviting uncontrollable rage and anger that nearly always leads to the most brutal of treatment that few survive. To say that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today is an arguable point but it is a fact that Islam is in the West and for reasons few understand in a free culture it seems new adherents are drawn into its fold.

The fundamental power underpinning Islam is fear where the majority of followers are born into the ideology, are not necessary believers but must follow because the only alternative is apostasy and death. In Saudi Arabia there is no other religion permitted and with the majority being Muslim the laws are such that any child born is automatically Muslim and will never be given the opportunity to choose without risking almost immediate execution.

Transplanting the ideology of Islam into a free society poses insurmountable problems for those coming from a background where absolute control of what is seen, heard and practiced is challenged by a society where free thinking and critique of authority is encouraged. Western culture has almost no concept of a life being told what to think, programmed not to question and to think in terms of absolutes where no alternative is permitted, period!

This brief description of Islam cannot possible explore the depth and complexities defining this ideology yet, one must question why those given the opportunity to escape these restrictions seem to freely choose otherwise. Perhaps this is one of the fundamental reasons why Islam itself represents a threat the overwhelming conflict of those following Islam when faced with everyday practices of Western culture deemed evil, are forbidden and punishable by death under Islam.

Add to this mix a significant number of radical preachers reinforcing the responsibility of followers to spread Islam by whatever means in mosques throughout the West, means that mandate use of force wherever and whenever possible and the entire free world is faced with the dilemma of trying to assimilate and tolerate an incompatible ideology in accordance with freedom of religion.

There are followers of Islam who live in Western society who seem able to adapt and in some way reconcile incompatible mandates without turning violent and it is the freedom of association and choice that allows this. The problem is they cannot critique or comment without putting themselves in extreme danger. One can only imagine the difficulties of Muslims wishing to coexist in peace outside nations ruled by Islamic laws.

Suggesting that Islamic extremists carry out atrocities denies the fact those perpetrating the bombings, killings and extreme acts are doing precisely what they believe Islam demands. Justifying this final statement is the final words of those who carry out suicide bombings, and by those few who are arrested that openly declare their motive Islam demands I kill the disbeliever.