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Is God Formless

The true form of God is perfection. He can do no wrong. God is Love: This definition of God is one that most people can understand. He is perfection. The world He created in His image was once perfect, but lesser mortals downgraded it to something they could understand, and now see where we are!

We are far from perfect. We are diseased, ill informed, angry, cantankerous, ignorant, lazy, slothful, doubtful. In essence, we are sinners. What does this loving, all perfect God do about it? Does he leave us alone to work out our troubles for ourselves?

Of course not. He guides us. He uses every means to get us to love him as he loves us. With our free will we are to love our neighbors as ourselves, to love them with the intensity that God loves us. He Wants to get a wayward world back on the right track. In fact He will get this wayward world back on the right track, but due to our careless ways, it is taking a long, long time.

Out attention span is so fractured we can only relate to him in fragments. But these are the times that astound us! These are the times that cause us to believe. These were the causes that forced the followers of Jesus, the second person of God, to lay own their fishing nets, their plows, their day jobs, and to follow where He led.

These few sparks of illumination that give us glimpses into the perfection that is God are from him. He shows us His Face through the Holy Spirit, the third person of God. They are the separate but equal. This, of course refers to the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Time wise, I like to think of this as The Past, The present and the future. God the Father, the Past (but ever present, today and tomorrow) God the Son, the present, (But was there from the beginning and will be here tomorrow) and the Holy Spirit, (there in the past, here today, and He will lead us into the future.)

I have no precise scripture to base this on, It could or could not be in the bible, but it helps me to keep history in perspective. There is so much confusion in the world and it is necessary that we form some kind of filing system that will keep God and his world forever in our thoughts. Less we become ‘strangers in a strange land, going nowhere, knowing nothing, and caring less’.

And sometimes when I want to just sit still and dwell on Hid presence, I love to meditate on the Lord’s Prayer. This is the prayer that He taught the Apostles. It is the Lord’s Prayer and is perfect in that it leaves nothing out. You can dwell on these words and never run out of the ways we can love our God and our Creator.