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Is Direct Experience of Truth better than following a Religions Teachings

Our mind is in the state that it is because it is already perfect for us as it is. Healing is never healing anything else. Healing is becoming aware of our own truths. Religion contains truth, but to be healed from truth, you must be living from your own truths.

No other truth can ever fully heal you except this owning of your own truth, and so of being your real and authentic self.

Nothing is ever better than anything else. Truth is only just truth. Religion can be a part of your truth, or your truth can be a part of your religion.

Knowing yourself is a step removed away from being yourself. All experiences are direct experiences of truth. When we are not seeing the truth within an experience we are simply not recognising it to be there.

Religion is a compilation of truths held by various people at different times. Direct experience of truth just allows you to feel and to connect to these truths from your own truth. It is only about making the real, real to yourself.

This means that the difference is only in the uncompleted task of knowing better the knower.

The problem always is only one of recognition, because you never believe in this higher self or God, and which you are a part of. This then never even allows you to take the next step of trusting in God at all. The only way forwards is to go backwards from wanting to be anything existing as separate in your lower self or body, and to allow all parts of you to balance out again and so to go forwards again all together. Truth comes to all of you, not just to parts of you to own as their own versions of it.

All healing is only ever about restoring this viewpoint of trust and returning to the balanced full connection of love.

You want to go forwards only from your lower body. The way that it all works though is that your lower body grows forwards with the same growth of your soul’s balanced overall growing. Your soul grows from understanding its experiences of love in the lower worlds. Integration across all of you is what brings you real realisation and truth and recognition and satisfaction of achievement, and knowledge that it is right for you as part of your own truth being lived by you now.

Truth never moves away from you, you move away from it. This is all truth for you, you only need to embrace it from love and to not move away any more from it from fear. You do this by simply acting out your own truth from the heart of its constructive being, as it was created within your God part or in your heart of only love.

A direct experience of truth is the receiver accepting truth from the giver of truth or God. Religion records instances of such happenings or events in other souls lives.

Religion can confirm for you the thoughts that your mind is holding or wanting to hold, but direct experiences take you past your mind altogether. Your mind or any religion can never confirm for you what is beyond the mind. Only direct connection to your own truth can do this for you. Direct experience confirms your own truths to yourself.

They will either match religion’s truths or sometimes oppose them. The only thing that is better for you to do then, is to follow your own direct knowing of your own truths. Only in this sense then is direct experience of truth better than religion.

Insight is more powerful than observation. You can recognise your own truths from aware insight into yourself, but the truths of religion you might just try to remember as learning and not as true wisdom of felt and experienced knowledge.

When you live your religious truths from book learning or from observation based on what you only think to be right, you miss the true insight of direct connection to deeper inner truths that bring real direction and not just a directed direction being set up for you to follow as part of any religious path.

Direct experience is walking your own path and directly experiencing your own truths while traversing your own journey. Following a religion is more walking the wider path of scattered truths that are not often a part of the part of you own truth that you are meant to be learning from for now, right now.

We are not here to learn the truths of any religion, or the truths of anyone else.

We are all only here to learn to recognise our own truths, making them real from direct experiences of them within love to allow them to be cemented into us flexibly in a way that grows us as us into our own understanding of ourselves within God and so indirectly then living from the overall accumulated wisdom of God and of all souls.

Religion is limiting in the sense that it is an isolation of the complete flow of God’s love. It is at best a picture of certain truths as they were represented at certain times to be understood. Direct experience connects you to the truth as it is now. Truth grows from itself and it is not statically finalised.

Truth is absolute in the sense of it being the whole truth, but it can expand itself through experiencing ever new nuances of itself gathered from its ever new experiences of itself being made from within love. Love in this way becomes wise in the use of its own truth. Love is unconsciously truth already, but living love brings consciousness to truth being now connected back to God from his own parts of himself.

Direct knowledge is first hand experience of your own truths. Religion is usually the second hand experiencing of other’s truths. Here then is the answer in a nutshell. First hand experiences to me must always carry more weight and so be better for us than mere second hand repetition or rote learning of accumulated facts, and so then not allowing the contacting of our own living truths.

A direct experience is a testimony of your own truths. Religions hold the recorded testimonies of other soul’s truths.

For me, I would always rather strive to understand and live from my own truths and so to be my real self rather than following the dictates of any religion, no matter who is telling me that it is truth and that it must be followed. I would do this especially even when the dictates of a religion are not resonating with my own truths and being felt as truth by the love within my own heart.

Direct experiences of truth is the feeling of love living, moving and recreating itself in yourself. Religion only provides a reflected image of somebody else’s experiences of love when it is at its best. This is not all bad, as we can sometimes see our own self even being reflected back to ourselves even from the mirror of religion.

Everything always serves us, and everything reflects a part of our own truth back to us in this way. Direct experiences connects us to the full and real truth of who we are, religion can only ever show us a small snapshot of the reflection of a small part of who we are.

Which is better? Direct experience of truth, or the following of religious tenets?

Nothing is ever better or worse than anything else. It is always up to us to decide individually what is best for ourselves. At times this will be the blanket and security of a strong religion, and at other times we will blaze out and experience directly the full light of God, rather than only reading about it all from the limiting light of only a small candle.

Even a candle is part of the overall light however, and love no matter how small is still part of love. A candle can also be the beginning stage for us to enable us ignite our inner flame and so to return us to a full light shining forth now from our own selves. We can either be God within ourselves, or we can try to view him outwardly in a more limiting light.

The best way to see the full light of your own inner truths is to put out the candle being held by your ego and even the candles being held by other people trying to get you to own and to see only their own truths.

The paradox is though that it also remains always true, that a candle loses none of its own light when lighting another candle.

Religion can light your candle and connect you to truth. Direct experience will keep the fuel going inside of you by replenishing the supply of that fuel or love within your whole inner being. This connection will help you to shine forth from the full light of your own truths again to help lighten the darkness that people live in from accepting a torchlight of truth to try to find more truth, rather than connecting to the source of the light more directly for themselves.