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Is Baptism necessary does a Baby have to be Baptized to be Saved

I was raised in the Catholic faith. I recall learning of the death of a neighbor’s baby and my mother shaking her head saying, Poor child has gone to hell because they did not Baptize her. I was horrified. A little baby in hell because someone didn’t baptize her.

But this was what my mother believed. What the church we attended had suggested. As I went to my catechism classes I was told this was because we are born with Original Sin. They didn’t like me much in CCD classes. I argued everything, especially the idea that an innocent baby would be damned for eternity because a Priest had not dumped Holy Water on it’s head. I told the nuns they could not tell me there was a Loving God and then tell me that same God would then punish a child because it’s parents had not had it baptized. I am still surprised they kept me in classes. (we won’t go into the argument I had with a priest over sin )

I left the church shortly after college but did not stop believing there was some higher being out there. I was not at all sure of my relationship with it or that I could have one. I knew what I did not believe and though I told myself I did not believe in hell, the fear was well ingrained. My spiritual journey took me down many paths. I studied many religious concepts, practiced a few – some briefly, some a little longer. I looked until I found something that resonated with my being.

The God of my being is a entity that is only Love. It is the creator of all: omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Its creations are extensions of Itself. Its only desire: to express as Itself through It’s creation. It has given the spiritual beings that we are, free will. This gives us the ability to have this human experience. We are in turn, free to believe what we want to believe.

As for heaven and hell, personally I do not believe either really exists. They are concepts that have been formed by a race consciousness and perhaps by the Churches. Fear is the only result of these ideas and fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Heaven and hell can exist in the here and now. The choices and decisions we make manifest in our lives and are either positive (heaven) or problematic (Hell). How many times do we hear someone say: this is a living hell. In my humble opinion, we create heaven and hell, in this now moment and at the time of our transition, we simply return to Spirit. The Creator is Love and if we wish to label that heaven, than that is what it will be for us.

To suggest that an innocent baby would burn for eternity because there was no baptism performed is unconscionable. God is Love. God does not damn anyone, we damn ourselves.