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Intelligent Design

Our Universe is a wondrous and magnificent existence that science is gaining constant new information about. Up to recent time, science has claimed that God and the spirit world cannot be lab tested or studied.

Science hasn’t claimed that God doesn’t exist. This is what some claim. Yet, recent findings by scientists (a significance about the earth and it’s location, and deeper knowledge about DNA)  are changing views, and causing Scientists to take a second look at the Creationist claim.

I recently watched a video where scientists and experts discuss new findings that have led them to believe they are beginning to see a significance about the Earth as opposed to any other planet, and newer findings are beginning to point more and more toward an intelligent Creator or Designer.

Though the Universe has been in existence, science is still continually in the process of gaining new information about it. If and when science is “complete”, and I’m not sure when or if that will ever occur, we cannot assuredly yet draw conclusions.

We can only speculate on what we don’t yet know. What scientists do know, is that the new findings about our Universe have intrigued them.

Many atheists use science (and its’ claim that God cannot be proven scientifically) as their “Bible” or handbook. However, science is running ahead of them now –  with new findings that are pointing to an intelligent being who deliberately created our Universe.

I have my doubts that these new findings will impress the atheist, because I see atheism as more about something personal going on with the individual, something which incites the need for God to not exist. The reasons vary in each person, though the result is the same.

We can all agree that our Universe is a wondrous phenomenon. Even the micro world of cells, atoms, molecules, etc … are intelligent, complex and sophisticated working factors that point to intelligent design.

Science has had her theories, and yet many of them are becoming null as science gains new information.

One wise and important thing I’ve learned in my fifty-four years of life, is that we should never draw conclusions when information is incomplete.

Until we have completely and thoroughly looked at all sides of a matter (and how would we determine this)?… it would be premature and ignorant to claim there is no God or intelligent Creator.

Science is incomplete, and scientists themselves state that there is so much more to learn and discover. I’m excited and looking forward to it.

“He stretched out the north over the empty space, and hangeth the earth upon nothing”. (Job 26.:7)