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Intelligent Design Evolution God Churches Religion Christianity Theory Fact – Yes

God, if She/He/It exists can certainly coexist with proven scientific facts about the origin of humankind and the evolution of all species on Earth. After all, any real God, would, of course, freely admit that evolution did occur, as has been shown through copious years of scientific research and study, not to mention archaeological findings. In questioning whether God would or would not preach the myth of Intelligent Design, one must contemplate who one’s version of God is. The God I believe in, is an honest God who holds no copyright on the creation of the human race, and does not need to be viewed as the origin and the all-powerful maker of everything. The God I believe in allows for rational thought, and the belief in reason and proven facts.

“Over 99% of the species that ever walked, flew, or slithered upon this earth are now extinct. This fact alone appears to rule out Intelligent Design.” wrote Sam Harris, in his ground-breaking book, Letter to a Christian Nation. This statement points us to the direction of historical indications about the truth. If God really designed all species on Earth as ready-made creatures who did not evolve at all, why would God have also chosen to let most of them vanish through extinction? God would certainly have no reason to want her species to disappear. Therefore, it is obvious there is another force at work. This is the force of nature, which is, in fact, the entity in charge of life.

A belief in God does not negate the ability to believe in Mother Earth and nature, or even to revere it. Any person with a reasonable amount of common sense would understand, through reading about history and science, that evolution has occured for millions of years, and that evolution led to the existence of humans. One can still choose to believe in God, yet not lose their grip on reality and facts. While many right-wing religious fundamentalists like to point out that evolution is “a theory and not a fact”, but this ignores the fact that in science all discoveries are known as theories, and it takes a certain number of facts to form a theory. The “theory” of evolution has been, for all intents and purposes, repeatedly proven to a reasonable degree by a large variety of people around the globe. This cannot be said for the theory of Intelligent Design.

Any true God, who is compassionate, giving, loving, and humble, as we would probably all hope God to be, would have no reason to force people to believe that she was the be-all and end-all of the entire planet Earth. She/He/It would have enough self-esteem to allow people to study science and secular systems of thought. God would allow for people, who have free-will given by God, to come to their own conclusions about the origin of humankind. And God would have nothing to gain, by deeming Himself/Herself to be the only source of everything ever created. After all, God is already God. How much praise does God really need? God can afford to allow people to give credit to nature, and the process of evolution. The people who benefit from teaching that evolution is a theory, and is not accurate, are people who make money from preaching about God. Evangelists of all religions have something to gain by the preaching of Intelligent Design. It helps pad their pockets, and their bank accounts. God, however, has no such unrighteous motives.