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Imagination Healing Change Forgiveness Spiritual Religious Life Moments Challenges Goals

From a young child through adulthood we have many experiences which we find cause heart ache of some kind. Experiences such as social issues, financial issues, personal issues, and so many more. Some experiences we find are easier to over come. And for those simple things, we simply continue moving forward, and rarely look back. Although there are others which may bring about a change in us and even cause a change in our personalities. And these things usually cause different limitations in one’s life. And one limitation can cause another limitation, in other words it becomes a snow-ball effect.

Healing is important in order to keep balance in our life to continue moving forward in a positive direction. Sometimes we turn to a friend or loved one who we trust and depend on to help guide us through our experience. Some turn to a local organization, support group, etc. Oftentimes we turn to a counselor of some type, therapist, or priest. Some turn to God for guidance. And some turn inward for the answers they need. And it is when we turn inward when we sometimes use our imagination to sort things out. And actually this is a form of meditation.

Our imagination is quite powerful and convincing. Time and time again, we find that if we have a negative attitude, we generate negative results because of it. And if we have a positive attitude, we generate positive results. We can even take a look back at some experiences and imagine what would have most likely happened if we had a different attitude; we can see that the results would have been very different. Quite simply, if we would direct more of our attention to positive things, even learn how to simply think positively; our lives will certainly be more enjoyable, peaceful, profitable, etc.

An example of healing through imagination:

Take a moment to stop and acknowledge everything around you; your home, your job, children, relationships, food on the table. Acknowledge these and other things which we should all be grateful for having. Acknowledge the beauty around you and how perfectly you fit into this world. Yes there is a lot of trouble in our world today. There is even hate, and sorrow. And much of which you endure. But more than any bad things going on in the world is the love in your heart. And the joy in your life. And none of the bad things can ever outweigh the wonderful blessings and miracles you have. Even in times of turmoil, especially in times of turmoil there is always a part of you that is at peace. And that peace deep down inside is where you gain the strength which carries you through. Through all of your experiences, past or current, when you choose to let it go, you are free from the limitations you allow your mind to create.

At this moment, imagine yourself without those limitations. Imagine just how perfect your world would be. Acknowledge who you are with, where you are at, and what you are doing. Acknowledge just how wonderful your world would be for you and those around you. And the peace, the love, the joy, and the contentment you would have in life. Think of the things which you can do this very moment to begin creating that which you just imagined. There is a path you can choose which will lead you to windows of opportunity, and those opportunities will then lead you to yet another window, and so on. Follow your heart as you take this journey. Get excited and embrace what is important to you. Be positive and encourage yourself.

Be patient, yet work diligently toward your goal one step at a time. Don’t be too hard on yourself, reward yourself for your efforts. Begin the change in life that you wish to take this very moment, and watch the beauty of life unfold in front of you.