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Illuminati is a term that is Latin for enlightened. It is commonly used today with the New World Order Conspiracy Theory. Many of the people who believe in the conspiracy theory believe that Illuminati are the people behind the Government, who are the people really making the decisions. They believe that the Illuminati is made up of the world’s most powerful people, who work together to control the mainstream media and events that occur in the world, with hopes of establishing a New World Order, also known as a NWO.

In definition, the New World Order refers to a period of time where dramatic change in politics and Government occurs, but according to believers, refers to the process of converting to a World Totalitarian Government Policy. George Bush Senior announced the New World Order on September 11th, 1990, which ends up being a fairly significant date in the conspiracy theory.

Many of the people that believe in this conspiracy theory are those who also believe that the September 11th
attacks were a plan by the Government. There are a large amount of rumors about the September 11th attacks, stating that there were bombs placed in the buildings, which were most likely set there by the Government. There are many videos on YouTube.com that have interviews with Firefighters and the janitor of the World Trade Center, who state that they heard explosions on various floors, and that it would have been very unlikely that the entire building would collapse due to the plane hitting the building so far up. One of the most famous videos about this topic is called 9/11 Loose Change, and can be found on YouTube. Although this isn’t one of the best videos on the topic, this tends to cover a lot of the potential things being hidden from us. Obviously, one might say “Why would the Government want to attack their own people?” Well according to this theory, the Government wanted to have a terrorist attack, so that the people of the United States would be afraid. Once they have instilled fear in the citizens, they can start slowly taking away rights, as people are willing to do anything to avoid another terrorist attack. Some of the rights taken away by the September 11th attacks include the Patriot Act, which allows wiretapping, and searching through our bags at many events, including every time we fly.

There is also a large amount of evidence for this theory in movies, although it may just be movie producers messing with the heads of people who believe in this theory. Commonly found on TV are images of the Triangle, or the Triangle with the “all seeing eye” in the middle. This is supposed to represent “Big Brother” watching you, and can be found in a lot of movies, TV shows, video games and more. A TV show many controversial sightings can be found in is The Simpsons, where it is thought that the creators are Free Masons, meaning they have something to do with these Illuminati. One of the most shocking images to me that can be found in The Simpsons is a picture from an episode that aired during 1997. The image shows Lisa Simpson holding up a poster with a $9 on it, and next to the $9 shows the two twin towers, spelling out 9 1 1. This picture can be found by typing into YouTube Simpsons 9/11. Another example of these symbols being displayed in movies is in the 1999 movie The Matrix, where Neo’s identification card shows the expiration date of September 11th 2001, and the issue date of September 10th 1990, a day before George Bush Senior announced the New World Order. There are also a large amount of other references to these conspiracies in movies, which obviously cannot all be mentioned in this article.

Another conspiracy that is closely linked to this one is the conspiracy of George Bush and his father being linked to Bohemian Grove, which is a place of worship in California for Satanists. The theory holds that George Bush, his father and many other world leaders go to this private site to worship a massive Owl Sculpture(according to pictures) where they pray to the devil. This obviously sounds crazy, which is why there is some proof of it online, although I obviously cannot vogue for the authenticity of any of this proof. If you go on YouTube and search for George Bush Satan, you can see videos of him and many other world leaders holding their hand up in the “rock on” or Satanist position. There are also pictures on the internet leaked from the Bohemian Grove guest list, on which George W. Bush’s name is listed. It is also suspected that former President Ronald Regan has been there, and is a member.

Now one might wonder, if all this is happening, why isn’t this on the news? Well according to the theory it’s because Big Brother controls everything that goes on the news, so why would the Illuminati allow their secrets to go on the news so that the world can revolt? There is a man named Alex Jones, who has many YouTube videos who helps share information he has on the Illuminati, but many believe that he is really just an Illuminati himself, as if he truly was speaking about the Illuminati secrets, they would have him killed. Many believe that the Illuminati killed both JFK and Tupac, as they were both against the Illuminati. Tupac’s final album was named Killuminati: The Seven Day Theory. Shortly after the announcement of the album, Tupac was gunned down on the Vegas Strip. Of course, it is more likely that Tupac was gunned down due to gang and criminal activity.

I am not saying I necessarily believe in this conspiracy, but I just found it a interesting topic to write about and to research. There are a large amount of websites and videos on YouTube to watch if this is something that interests you.