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If Jesus is the Blended Skin Color of everyone on Earth

According to the book of Revelation, Jesus is the color of brass. At least that is the way John described him in Revelation 1:14-15. John may have seen his feet which he described as being like fine brass burned in a furnace. So it looks like Jesus may have looked like a native of Israel. If he was black, he might have been described as looking like ebony. If he were white, he might have been described as looking like a grain of wheat. So if you go to Israel today and see some Palestinian, most likely, Jesus looked like him.

Brown is the color everyone might be if all the races in the world mixed. So one of the easiest ways to see what Jesus might have looked like besides going to Israel is to blend the skin colors of everyone on the various identification files of the world together and the color might be near what his was.

For too long, Western people have seen a white Jesus. Racial division has happened and people like Hitler have tried to eliminate those he thought were inferior or had a skin color other than white. Now we have the Afro-centrists who picture Jesus as being black since the “Song of Solomon” describes one of Solomon’s future wives as being black. Since the books of the Bible point toward Jesus, people assume he had to be black then. But that need not be the case.

When we see him either in the clouds during the Rapture or up in Heaven, we will know what color he is. That’s sort of a no-brainer. Many will be disappointed when they see that he is not their skin color. But up in Heaven, skin color will be of no importance. The only reason why people go to Heaven is because they have put their faith in God. So it won’t really matter if Jesus is as the Apostle John described him in the book of Revelation or if he might be a color no person on earth has the skin tone of. He is the color he should be and God will be able to adjust the thinking of everyone so that they will accept his skin color.

If Jesus is the blended skin color of everyone on earth, that means he truly isn’t a respecter of people. My Christian brothers and sisters are black, brown, red, yellow, white, and maybe even the color of some races of aliens if the Gospel has been spread to them and they are in Heaven. If his skin color is that way, then I have no right to discriminate against anyone according to their skin color. If Jesus didn’t, then no one should.