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Ideals vs Reality let the Battle Begin

I’m a sucker when it comes to ideals. We call it dreams, hopes, ambition, aspiration and etc. Whatever names you called it, the simplest definition would be stillideals. They speak of a wanted future that is not currently present (reality) in our lives. They change as we grow and alas some would be lost it with age. They encourage us and torment us at the same time. With it, one man could change the world or even mobilize millions for its cause. At the end of the day, reality would bow only to the strongest man or woman who took it through till the end..

This thought came about when I received a simple question in my mail box. Can we do what we want to do when reality stops us from doing it? The actual question was “How can he marry her and not fulfill his “duties” as the only son in the family?” Many moons ago I asked a group of matured ladies this question, “If your daughter is in love with me (a wheelchair bound disabled), would you object to the relationship?” I add to the scenario another killer situation, which is, “She is your ONLY daughter.” That gotten the group talking, the opinions were fairly divided to yes and no, but the conclusion was that they wouldn’t know until it really happen to them a.k.a (only when the sh*t hits the fan). In Forrest Gump’s words, “Life is like a box of chocolate, you’ll never know what you’re gonna get.”

Untested dreams (ideals) to me are hot airs, loud gongs and clanging cymbals. People that put their hands (work) where their mouth is would translate their ideals into reality. Sadly, too many are those that let reality win with their ideals fading into oblivion. Could they help it? Could they really do otherwise? Shall we ask Michael Dell, Bill Gates or great men of the past like Henry Ford, Isaac Newton and Helen Keller? Though I wouldn’t doubt their answers would be of a positive one, I wasn’t very much encouraged with an overwhelming response from a single word. The word is about a but’. Walk with me for the following statements;

My dream was to be an artist, but I could never make a living through it in Singapore

I love you, but I’m sorry that my parents disapprove our relationship.

I could have got that promotion, but I have a family that wouldn’t allow it.

Want to contribute the rest?

Here’s my take, which I guarantee you it would be hard to swallow.

Your reality is what you make of it. Your reality was once someone else ideals. Your ideals can be your future reality.

Holding strong to ideals amidst a fatalistic environment is hard. So? Change your environment to be more can-do then! Patience is a no-brainer pre-requisite required for any ideals to come into any form of fruition. What would be lacking on the whole is not patience, but PASSION! I have learned from my Pastor to constantly test my ideals by asking a simple question. Try this. Are my ideals a preference or a conviction? Preferences come with a can-do-without’ attitude. You would often hear people with this attitude have a pet phrase. Roughly translated, “No fish, prawn also can lor.” On the other hand, convictions come with a will-die-if-don’t-have’ attitude.

When the call come for someone to make the difference, too many would say, “Here am I, send him.” Do we really feel that our lives are too long to stick our necks out? Are we so phobic to failure that we fail to give our dreams another shot? Are our ideals so far-fetched that impossible would appear in every billboard of life? In the battle between Ideals Vs Reality, which side are YOU allowing to win? These questions cannot be answered by anyone but us to ourselves. Like my previous post, I believe wholeheartedly that I can, only when I want it bad enough.One man CAN change the world. It has happen before, it can happen again.

So to my dreams and goals, I’ll say, “Here am I, I’m coming!”

Feel the beat, Live the dream.