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Ice Road Truckers June 20 2010 Recap

The season is just getting started on Ice Road Truckers season 4. The truckers of the ice road all have two loads behind them except for veteran driver Hugh Rowland. He started a week behind everyone else but if past repeats itself, Rowland should have no problems catching up.  There were a few questions left open last week – how long could Ray limp along with a faulty truck and would Alex’s health sideline him for the season?

The drivers head into the worst storm of the season – 50 degrees with a 90 degree wind chill. The arctic storm can make or break a driver of the ice road.


Last week, Alex had taken out two delineators with his trailer which forces him to go in for a health exam including an eye check. Failing this exam could force him off the road. He passes his health exam excluding his blood pressure which could take him off the road. However, the kind doc retakes Alex’s blood pressure and it proves to be okay. Alex will continue on driving the ice road but now he’s a load behind.


Jack’s third load of the season almost didn’t make it – his air filter became clogged with snow from the storm. To avoid his engine completely shutting down, he makes the decision to pull over and change the filter which puts Hugh ahead of him. When Jack finally heads into Cold Foot, Hugh is already waiting. Just when Jack thinks he can rest for the night, he gets a message that he must trade his load with another driver and head back to Prudhoe Bay.


Before her third load, Lisa takes up her issue of playing with the big boys to the boss. She asks for bigger loads to prove that she is as good a driver as the men. Her load is a big one – pipe.  Lisa does make a decision that proves to be in her favor; she decides to chain up for the long haul ahead.  She does experience engine problems but makes the decision to make the haul rather than turn around and go back to the yard.


Rookie Ray just can’t get any luck. Twice he lost traction on the hills – the second time he finally chains up but not after backing up the ice road with trucks. Just when he thinks all is going well, his engine light comes on. His frustrations starting to wear on him, Ray states he is ready to throw in the towel.


Knowing that he would be driving into an arctic storm, Greg informs dispatch that his truck is due for maintenance soon. Instead of taking a load into the storm, his truck is put into the shop but then he complains that he is now behind. It was obvious that Greg didn’t want to drive into the storm so he has no reason to get his nose out of joint. After getting his truck from the shop, he hooks up for his next load only to find he has flat tires on his truck. This also puts Greg a load behind.


Determined to beat his long-time rival Alex, Hugh is trying to catch up for missing the first day of the season. His load goes without any problems unlike his fellow drivers. Last season, Carlile Trucking had 16 violations with 9 of those belonging to Hugh Rowland. Back again in DOT office, he is reprimanded for his logs but only receives a warning – this time.

The driver loads tallied so far are two loads each for Greg and Hugh. Jack is ahead of everyone with 4 loads while the rest of the drivers are at three loads a piece. Next week we’ll have to see if Ray really resigns or if he was just blowing off steam. Another driver to watch is Greg – he again could be facing another wreck which may put him back on the unemployment line.