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I Love Lucy and Lucy Loves me

What makes Lucy so great? Everything. The love between the Ricardo’s, the cheapness of Fred Mertz, the friendship of Lucy and Ethel. And, of course the humor. How many jams did Lucy get in? How many jams did Lucy get Ethel and Fred and Ricky in? We love to watch the physical comedy of this zany redhead. She is the epitome of fifties television. You think of funny, you zero in on Lucy. Why? Read on.

Possibly the most popular television show of all time, ‘I Love Lucy’ was definitely one of the funniest shows ever on television. And for a thousand good reasons.The simplicity of the cast (Arnaz, Ball, Vance, and Frawley) is great The physical comedy in the show stands out among any other show, and it set precedence over other shows of the same genre by some of the innovative things that the show achieved. By this I mean that I love Lucy was one of the first TV shows to actually go into syndication. Desi Arnaz got the show off of the ground by actually putting his own name on the line, and by this started the Desilu company. The show actually boasted trips abroad, France, Italy, and who could forget Hollywood? And the road trip to Hollywood. Then meeting up with cousin Ernie (Tennessee Ernie Ford), and Ethel’s hometown visit.

Ricky wouldn’t let her in the show! Why? Well, she couldn’t sing (man, was she tone deaf), she couldn’t act, she had no professional training, and she was his wife. He never let her be in the show, and that is all she wanted. But, luckily for us he denied her access to the stage, because that is where our fun began. Lucy needed a new dress, Ricky put her on a budget, so she made the dress. We learned from this that she could not sew. She got a job (with Ethel in tow, of course), she couldn’t keep up with the assembly line, she ended up covered in chocolate. She got drunk doing a TV commercial (do you poop out at parties?) for of all things vitameatavegemin. She got into a fight while stomping grapes with the Italian chick. My personal favorite is the episode where the Ricardo’s bought the Mertz’ a new TV set, then Ricky inadvertently breaks it and the Mertz’ sue the Ricardo’s. They sued them! The best court scene I have ever witnessed (and I watch ‘Law and Order’ alot).

The show started out with doubts among the industry. It took Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz years to get the show on air. As soon as they did, Lucille got pregnant. So, what did they do? They made Lucy pregnant on the show as well, making the episode where she went in to labor the most watched episode of television history. Genius.

The name of the show was genius itself. I do love Lucy, everyone does. She was seemingly just like the rest of us; a regular bored housewife. Hence she had to liven up her days, and she had Ethel there to assist her. She’d get that look in her eyes, and immediately Ethel would get suspicious. She would say no, but she would eventually get sucked in. The whole premise of the show was great, as a matter of fact it is still great! This show will go down in history as untouchable in television comedy arena. So why do we still watch? To see if Lucy ever gets in the show, of course.