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I am with Spirit

                                                                   I AM WITH SPIRIT! 

All of US born into this world, are of the 4 elements. We are of the AIR, we are of the WATER, we are of the FIRE, we are of the EARTH. Within those 4 elements make up SPIRIT. This in whole makes up the PENTACLE. I knew before I was born and after I die where my Spirit shall be. Before I was born to this Earth my Spirit was separated within the 4 elements at 1 with nature. When I was born, the elements and mine Spirit became 1 again, as I die my spirit shall never die, it separates once again into the 4 elements and returns to nature. Spirit dances forever within the day and within the night!

My journey has just begun within this world, this is my beginning. I shall write to no extent, of things that are of my world, my reality,  my beliefs. I dream not of a NWO or of a world religion. My dreams are of an Universal Faith, Concept, and/or a Belief. The thought of 1 just being 1 is not my belief, within philosophy 1 is MANY. There is not just 1 aspect of US, there are many. There is more than 1 realm, in existence. The soul connects US to the other realms.  These realms exist with Quantum.  Love makes the world go round. Quantum makes the worlds go round….

There is more to the saying of the great Egyptians, that “Death Is Only The Beginning”. I understand more of the puzzles of life, the questions that mankind have asked since the first woman and man walked across this planet. I will continue within my own beliefs, even if my own beliefs are my own. I shall stand alone if need be. I know that though, Whom may be reading this at this time.Within the concept above. Although you may feel physically ALONE,  YOU my friends are NEVER Spiritually ALONE!