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Hunger Games

The first movie of The Hunger Games series, based on the popular books by Suzanne Collins, had high expectations from fans and critics. For millions of these people, the movie went beyond those expectations and had one of the best opening weekends in history, earning 155 million dollars and remaining at the number one spot for several weeks. It will very likely be one of the most popular movies of the year.

Like other movies based on books, such as Harry Potter and Twilight, The Hunger Games series had a massive following long before it was a movie. The books chronicle a young girl named Katniss and her adventures in a post-apocalyptic world. In the first movie, she and a boy from the fictional District 12 of Panem, fight to the death against 22 other teenagers, known as tributes, from various districts. The Hunger Games are both a means of entertainment for the citizens of the capitol, as well as a way to pay back the government for previous uprisings.

The movie follows the events of the book very faithfully. There are a few major differences however, such as the story behind Katniss’ Mockingjay pin, the involvement of viewers from the districts and the wild dogs at the end of the movie. The movie is already fairly long and there wouldn’t be enough time to include everything, but this doesn’t seem to matter. The movie is still a brilliant production because of the original story, the crew and the cast.

Collins helped write the screenplay for the first movie, and without her involvement, the movie would not have been the same. It was her vision that created the story and her help creating the movie led it to be so successful and genuine. The movie was directed by Gary Ross and produced by Lionsgate. The crew that you don’t see on the big screen did an amazing job with the visuals, the dialogue, action sequences, and cinematic quality. It took many individuals to make the production and they were successful in creating an amazing film.

The choices for the actors and actresses in the movie could not have been more perfect. Jennifer Lawrence becomes Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. Her actions and emotions are real and believable. Josh Hutcherson, as Peeta Mellark, may not have been what everyone had in mind for the role, but he does an incredible job. Hutcherson has been acting since he was young and in this role he shows why he was meant to play this character. Liam Hemsworth, though not in the first movie as much as the previous two, does a great job as well and viewers can look forward to seeing him more in future adaptions. Both Elizabeth Banks and Woody Harrelson, as Effie and Haymitch, become their characters and bring them to life. Donald Sutherland also plays the evil President Snow very accurately. All the other actors and actresses, from the tributes to family members and citizens of the capitol, make this a complete cast of characters who play their roles with perfection.

Although The Hunger Games has received a few negative reviews from critics, the numbers speak for themselves. A majority of fans fell in love with the movie and have seen it over and over again. The movie had the best opening in the United States for a non-sequel movie and continues earning money in both the US and internationally. There’s no doubt that The Hunger Games series will go on to win many awards in the next few years and become one of the most popular stories in history.