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How to Work with Spirit Guides

How to work with spirit guides

A spirit guide is slightly is different from a totem animal.  A totem animal is a shining singular example of its kind whereas a spirit guide can be anything from an animal to a plant, an angel to a passed relative.  You do not have to be psychic to have a spirit guide; in fact most spirit guides do not go to psychics.  All that matters is that you are receptive to the spiritual realm and you are in need of a guide.  If you are reading articles on spirit guides then my guess is you are receptive to the spiritual realm already and everyone can do with a guide when entering new places.

So how can you tell if you have a spirit guide? Well they let themselves be known through subtle things.  While a totem will come to you in dreams and visitations a spirit guide will come to you in subtle gossamer touches or scents.  If they are coming to you in the form of an animal you may hear their call when you are alone and relaxed, a cat purring somewhere or a near silent pad of a paw as you walk around.  Whatever they do they will always come to you in a form that is most likely not to scare you but to be comfortable to you.

Your guide will work with you before you know it is there.  Those sudden thoughts that you really shouldn’t do something and it turns out to be right or those thoughts about what to do and an unexpected flash of realisation hitting you are all prompts from your guide. There are ways we can work with our guides on a conscious level though.

The easiest way is through meditation and visualisation.  There are many ways to mediate and practise visualisation so pick one that you feel comfortable with and in your head visualise meeting your spirit guide, or what you feel your spirit guide looks like, and asking them for help or the answer to a particular question.  If the answer comes straightaway then you are doing very well and if the answer doesn’t come in the next twenty four hours then try again.  Just remember time does not act the same for your guides as it does for us. 

You can also work with your guides to deliver healing.  This is especially popular when you perceive your guide as an angelic or holy presence.  If you know someone that needs healing than you can ask your guide to either help heal them or how you can help heal them.  You may get prompted to start learning a particular healing technique like reiki, aromatherapy or massage. This indicates that maybe if you are compassionate enough to want to heal a friend, maybe you could heal a stranger as well.

We are all awakening to the fact that the world around us isn’t just the materialistic one that we know but also a hidden spiritual one that we can get to know.  With a little humility and the clear yearning to listen we can learn all we want about this realm and our guides are just that, guides to a new place, one which we can either make better or worse by our interaction.