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How to use Amulets and Talismans

Amulets and talismans have been used for centuries to provide a wide variety of benefits to their owners. They have been used to give protection to the wearer or to strengthen the bearer’s connection to the Divine. Often inscribed with holy names or magical words, amulets and talismans come in all shapes and sizes. There’s a good chance you’re wearing one right now or know someone who is.

What’s that – you aren’t superstitious? No problem, anyone can use these ancient objects of power. Maybe you have a St. Christopher’s medal hanging in your car to protect you on your travels. Maybe your uncle wears a necklace made from a shark’s tooth or bear’s claw to give him courage. Maybe your best friend refuses to play a round of golf without her lucky hat. Many people use amulets and talismans to benefit their daily lives. So can you.

According to Dictionary.com, a talisman is “anything whose presence exercises a remarkable or powerful influence on human feelings or actions.” An amulet is a specific type of talisman, usually worn, and used for protection. An amulet might ward off illness or harm, or it might bring good fortune to the wearer. Any object, whether natural or man-made, can be used for this purpose. Depending on your preferences, you can purchase an object to use as your talisman or you can make your own. If you decide to purchase a talisman, there are hundreds of online retailers who offer thousands of styles. You may also find amulets and talismans at your local New Age bookstore. The benefits of buying a talisman are that it’s prefabricated, already dedicated to a specific purpose, and ready to use. You should start seeing results as soon as you put it on or place it in the location where you want to feel its effects.

However, there also benefits to creating your own amulet or talisman. Whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Wiccan, or practice any other religion, designing and making your power object can be an enriching spiritual act. Any ritual or process that allows you to take a few minutes away from the frantic pace of everyday life and focus your thoughts helps you reconnect with the sacred. If you are an atheist, you can use the act of creating an amulet or talisman to tap into your higher self and manifest positive change in your life.

First, decide what sort of benefit you want from your talisman. Do you want to bring love into your life? What about financial success? Maybe you just want to feel more connected to the Divine. Take your time and decide what purpose your power object will serve. Also consider how you will carry or wear it. Many people wear necklaces, but you may prefer a ring, bracelet, or to carry a small bag containing your talisman in your purse or pocket. If you wish to create an amulet to bring peace or protection to a specific location, such as your home or office, you can also choose an object such as a plaque, a framed photo or printed scripture, or a stone paperweight. In many cultures, knots are believed to trap negative influences, so they make effective amulets. There are no strict rules, so choose whatever feels right to you.

Once you have chosen an object for your talisman or amulet, it must be dedicated to your specific goal. This is called charging the talisman. If you are religious, you can ask a clergy member to pray with you and bless the object you have chosen. If you prefer, you can charge the talisman yourself. There are many ways to do this and the books in the Suggested Reading list at the end of this article can help you design a ritual that feels right and suits your purpose. If you are an experienced occultist, you may wish to select the planetary day or hour that is best suited to your goal. However, this is not necessary. Any day or time that feels right for you is acceptable, although charging your talisman during the waxing moon is best.

Now that you have charged your amulet or talisman, you can wear it, place it in the desired location, or sleep with it under your pillow. Your talisman will help you feel connected to your higher power, whether you call it Nature, God/dess, Spirit, or by some other name. It will help remind you that your original spiritual state is pure and empower you to make decisions with a pure heart. If you have charged your talisman for a specific purpose, such as successful love relationships, your subconscious mind will work toward this objective and bring opportunities to you. Your belief provides the power for your talisman to work. There’s no point in wearing a talisman if you don’t believe in its ability to improve your life. Your skepticism will nullify your connection to your higher self and the Divine.

A word of caution: talismans and amulets should not be used to manipulate others to obtain a selfish goal. Your state of mind is crucial to your success. If your state of mind is self-centered or needy, you are not connected to the source of the harmony, prosperity, and other goals you wish to achieve. Remember, talismans and amulets are only as good as their owner. Consider using your amulet or talisman a partnership with the Divine or your higher self.

You may wish to experiment with a variety of talismans and amulets to find the types that work best for you. As you gain confidence, you will attract the things you want into your life and repel the things you don’t want. Use your power objects for good and to create the life you deserve.

Suggested Reading

If you wish to learn more about creating and using amulets and talismans, these are a few of the many books available. All are available from your local bookstore or from online retailers.

Amulets, Talismans, And Magical Jewelry: A Way To The Unseen, Everpresent, Almighty God by Barbara Black Koltuv

The Complete Book of Amulets & Talismans by Migene Gonzlez-Wippler

Amulets: Sacred Charms of Power and Protection by Sheila Paine

Amulets & Talismans for Beginners: How to Choose, Make & Use Magical Objects by Richard Webster