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How to Read four of Cups Tarot Card what four of Cups in Tarot Means 4 of Cups Meaning

Doubts, unease and uncertainty are signified by the four of cups in a tarot card reading. Feelings of vagueness are likely when this card appears in a spread. There may be increasing dissatisfaction with a relationship or venture.

Symbolism in the Four of Cups ~

Blocked emotions are signified in this card; a feeling of stagnation and as if no progress is being made in certain areas of a person’s life, most often, their relationships.

Advice in the Four of Cups ~

The four of cups may have appeared in a spread to answer a question the querent is currently pondering over. But if they are unhappy about something, they must be careful not to blame anyone else.

Happiness is within grasping distance but for some reason they seem to be rejecting this. Or are they ignoring the fact that if they made an effort, they could bring about the changes they so desire? It might be boredom or discontentment which lies at the root of their problem. Perhaps they need to take their mind off their current worries and to do this, they must find new outlets in which to channel their nervous energy.

Predictions in the Four of Cups ~

It may also be that they are suspecting things that aren’t really there. In a close relationship, jealousy exists where it shouldn’t. Emotional and love matters are very much better than they might expect, so the querent should try not to worry over little inconsequential matters. They could be making mountains out of molehills. It could be that some time in the next four weeks they will be receiving an item of jewelery or clothing, or it could possibly be that they’ll be thinking of buying or working with computers.

Relationships in the Four of Cups ~

With regard to their love life, this card suggests they’re pondering over questions that have recently been put to them. Someone has put something into their mind and really it would have been better for them not to have known about it. It is entirely possible that gossip or idle chatter is making a situation look worse than it really is. If they are worried about anything to do with their partner or someone close, then the best way to deal with the matter is to confront them face-to-face. Rather than listen to all the tittle tattle that’s going on around them.

Four of Cups Reversed ~

The four of cups reversed in a spread might relate to areas of dissatisfaction or disappointment. And yet, is this because they haven’t quite opened their eyes to the benefits and interests that are going on around them? It could be that they’re aware of some sort of restlessness but at the moment, they aren’t really sure what they’re looking for. Basically if they do feel that way, they should do something positive and take determined steps to bring more challenge and excitement into their life.