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How to Pray the Ten Evangelical Virtues of Mary

Whether you are a confirmed Catholic or not, you are always welcomed to engage in the prayers of the church. My information source is Http://www.padrimariani.org. While I do practice the Catholic faith as an adult convert, I have chosen several prayers to meditate upon during particular challenges I may be facing, so of course, the choice is yours…

The long name for this group of religious orders is the Congregation of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, however the popular and shorter name for this group is “The Marians”. They are about 500 priests and brothers, living in 19 countries, on 6 continents, with a history dating back 330 years.

There are prayer patterns which weave their way into and out of the specific meditations. This prayer is based in the Gospels and most have a Rule of Life to interpret the religious content. The symbol is a 10-ray star, each ray represents one of the virtues. The original is located on the ceiling of an 18th century Marian Church in Gozlin, Poland.

One of the purposes of the reciting of this prayer is to overcome challenges. The First Virtue: Chastity. Immediately our current society is examined by its lack of purity or chastity. Chastity takes on different forms for men and women, with men it begins with the eyes. Pornography invades our lives through the media, which fosters a trivializing and lack of respect for purity, innocence, and chastity. 

The Second Virtue: Prudence. The Third Virtue: Humility. The Fourth Virtue: Faith. The Fifth Virtue: Devotion. The Sixth Virtue: Obedience. The Seventh Virtue: Poverty. The Eighth Virtue: Patience. The Ninth Virtue: Mercy. The Tenth Virtue: Sorrow.

The way these concepts are placed into the prayer pattern are as follows: Make the sign of the cross by crossing ones chest, touching the mind, the heart, the left and right sides of our bodies. Recite the “Our Father” prayer. Each time you recite the “Hail Mary” sequence, say one of the virtues in this order. 1) Most Pure. 2) Most Prudent. 3) Most Humble. 4) Most Faithful. 5) Most Devout. 6) Most Obedient. 7) Most Poor. 8) Most Merciful. 9) Most Merciful. 10) Most sorrowful…Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.

This prayer ends with the traditional phrasing of verse and response with its history of being used for hundreds or thousands of years within the body of the Christian Church.