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How to Perform the Daily Ritual of Silence

The Ritual of Silence

A Theurgist’s Rite for daily devotion

0. Let the Creator stand in the East facing the West and perceive that she has no body, mind, or spirit. Let her also contemplate that nothing exists, that there is no universe. Then let her empty her mind of all thoughts and rest in the silence of naught for a time.

1. Standing in the East in the sign of silence let the Creator Dash her finger out and downward commanding: “FIAT VNIVERSVM!” At the same time projecting a translucent Chaos Star into the center of the room.

2. Let the Creator perceive that from the star to the limits of the temple space, the entire universe is formed and has its entire existence.

3. Let the Creator walk to the center of the room and feel her body crystallizing and becoming solid, saying: “COAGULA.”

4. Now let the Creator imagine that she is impacted from behind, the East, by a bolt of pure brilliant light causing her to blaze like a sun, vibrating: “EMANUEL.”

5. The Creator now performs whatever act of will s/he desires.

6. After this she will begin to sense her body decomposing and falling as dust, and after all has been blown away by the winds of time, let her speak the word: “SOLVE.”

7. Finally, she withdraws, stepping backward into the East, allowing the light to fade into naught. She reabsorbs the Chaos Star, and thus the whole of the universe, and makes the sign of silence whispering: “AIN”

8. Rinse and repeat.