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How to Obey and Follow Spiritual Instructions from God

One must admit that obeying and following spiritual instructions from God is not always easy to do. Individuals finding themselves in this situation may become timid and fearful, depending on the instruction given. This type of reaction is nothing new, as we think of the many bible characters who received spiritual instructions from God. For most of them the reaction was never an embracing and enthusiastic one. There was some level of reluctance and apprehension.

Regardless of what God’s instruction is, you must obey or bear the consequences. In some instances persons may be reluctant to act because they may be doubtful about the situation or afraid that if they carry out the instruction people may not believe or may make a mockery of them. This kind of reaction is not strange and would be expected, as bible personalities experienced similar responses. If you are not sure about a spiritual instruction coming from God, you must seek confirmation, because you do not want to be a false prophet or messenger. Once you receive this confirmation, ask God to give you the strength and the trust in Him to proceed.

Persons can get instruction because they have sought guidance from God in making a decision, or it may be to convey a message. Often when one gets an instruction, everything that is required to make it possible is usually provided so you can be sure that God is with you. Obeying and following God’s instruction means that he will prepare you or He has been preparing you for such occasion. He needs you to be in constant touch with Him to give you His affirmation along the way, especially when you face difficulties along the way.

The scriptures, in particular the Old Testament should be a guiding force in your undertaking. The Israelites are typical examples in this case. On their journey from Egypt to Canaan, the Promised land, for the most part they were disobedient and they complained a lot. As a result the journey took them forty years. If they were just obedient and trusted God in all their difficulties it would have taken them a much shorter time.

Another outstanding, and one of the most popular stories in the bible is about Jonah and the whale. He disobeyed God’s instruction, and you recognize what happened in the process. If you are willing and obedient in following His instruction there is no need to panic or worry about anything.

Whatever God requires you to do is always for the better good. God wants to win people for His Kingdom, and to bless their lives, and He wants you to participate in this great mission. You can be assisting in preserving someone’s life or protecting someone from danger, or it may even be for your own protection. God is using you in a special way, and you should consider this a blessing. Trust Him in what you are doing and go with His strength and guidance.