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How to Make a Goal Treasure Mapwhat is a Goal Treasure Maphow to Achieve your Goals

What is the difference between mapping out your goals and creating a Treasure Map? Does the word ‘treasure’ have any significance in this goal setting technique?

A Goals Treasure Map is an inspiring and motivational way to help you achieve your aims. Putting thought and creativity into making your map will encourage you to put more consideration into your long-term future. Having the colourful product of this process to refer to afterwards will help maintain your determination to reach your goals.

You might begin with setting some well-defined goals for yourself for the future and write these down.

Next break these aims down to smaller targets as you think of ways you might achieve your overall intentions.

Once you’ve done this, you can start work on your Treasure Map.

On a large sheet of paper, draw the outline of your Treasure Island. Take a goal and think of those smaller steps you will be making to reach it. As you use your imagination to create your map, incorporate this goal into your illustrations. For instance you might want to gain a special qualification. In this, you could call a beach by the name of a local college. What might prevent you from attaining this aim? Draw a jungle and give it a name relating to this such as “Forest of Doubts”. Draw a path through this to take you to a mountain named after the qualification you desire.

Do this with all your goals. Be imaginative. Swamps can represent identified set-backs to your aims, caves might define inner doubts and fears, streams might be linked with helpful friends or trends.

What kind of goals might you want to achieve? They might be educational or creative. Goals might refer to your personality for instance do you want to develop greater self-confidence or is there an aspect of your behaviour you would like to improve? Your aims may centre on or involve your family. It could be money or health that will be your main priorities. Enjoy letting your thoughts wander and create a map relating to your goals.

Once you’ve created your map, put it in a place you will notice it everyday so you can check it regularly to determine where you are at so far and make sure you are on course. The treasure of course is the wonderful feeling of success you will feel once you achieve what you have set out to do!

A Goal Treasure Map is a lot of fun and relatively simple to make but the impact it has can have a real psychological and uplifting affect.