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How to keep trying

There are days when everyone is ready to give up. Life is overwhelming and we just want to stop the world and get off. We’ve all been taught we should keep trying. And it’s true. The things which are the most work are always the sweetest when accomplished. But how do you actually do this?


When you have a task or goal you want to achieve there are moments when you just want to forget about it. You need some motivation to keep your project rolling. One way to motivate yourself to keep going is by rewarding yourself. Pick a smaller goal, out of your larger one and when you’ve done it, give yourself a small treat. It doesn’t have to be anything big. A half an hour to read a book, you’ve had waiting in the wings for a while, is enough. Or that expensive yummy latte you want but never allow yourself.

Everyone Starts Somewhere

Sometimes we want to stop trying to reach our goals because we feel it’s useless. Things aren’t going our way, we’re at a standstill and we want to give up. Other people seem to reach the goals we have without even trying. But it’s simply not true. Everyone started, at one time or another, at ground zero. Hardly anyone decides to do something and ends up doing it perfectly the first time around. Don’t worry too much about what other people have accomplished. This will just sap the energy you should be putting into reaching your goal.

Take A Break

Sometimes, we just need a break. So, if you’ve been hitting hard at a goal and haven’t made much headway, give yourself a break. Give yourself time away from whatever it is you are trying to do. Just put it down for a day or two and when you get back to it, you’ll probably be re-energized.

Take Time to Reflect

Give yourself some time to think about your goal. What are your reasons for wanting to achieve this? Are you sure this is something you want to do? If the answer is yes, then, you really have no choice but to keep giving it your best shot. If the answer turns out to be no, there’s no shame in changing directions. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just think of a new goal and head toward that.

Positive Thoughts

Give yourself little pep talks. A woman I know calls this talking yourself out of the tree. When you’re ready to give up, talk to yourself the way you would encourage another person. Be your own parent and cheerleader. Push the negative thoughts away with all your might. At first, this will probably take a major effort but with time, and practice, positive thoughts will become second nature.

Know When to Give Up

There are times when giving up is perfectly fine. Sometimes, our lives change and the goals we set are no longer viable. Sometimes, we just don’t really care that much anymore. Don’t beat yourself up. Just bow out gracefully and find another avenue for whatever it is you want to do.


The old saying practice makes perfect is, without a doubt, true. If you keep trying eventually, you’ll meet your goal and get results. And think how happy you’ll be because you put the effort in.