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How to Heal with Colour

How to heal with colour

Colour plays more of a part in our life then many times we give it credit for.  We see someone dressed in black and we think sombre.  We see the same person dressed in a green or a red and we think vibrant.  Just changing the colour of how we are dressed can influence a person’s perception of us so it should not be surprising that colours can also have a healing effect on us.

There is several different way of healing or strengthening a person through the use of colour.  The first is using the psychology of colours to affect how we feel, in effect healing or strengthening our emotions.  The use of colours to alter mood has been in practise for generations and sometimes in places where you wouldn’t think to look.

There is a reason hospitals tend to be painted in white or pastels.  White is seen as a clean colour which is exactly the sort of idea you want your hospital to portray.  Some areas may be painted in pastel greens and blues.  Pastel colours tend to be softer and not as jarring to look at, this is done to emotionally balance the individual looking at it.   even in advertising colour is used with the common consensus being that the best colour to use in advertising are colours that stimulate the senses, so lots of vibrant reds and blues. 

The best way to use colour to change or strengthen an emotion is to wear it.  there are many theories as to why this works with the two favourites being different colours are different wavelengths of the light spectrum and these interact with our brains and each colour has a corresponding symbolism that people in a society know and pick up on, we then pick up on the body language of the person viewing the colour and mirror it hence our emotional state changes in tune with what colour we are wearing. 

The following colours affect the following emotional states.  Choose which emotion you want to strengthen or change to and wear predominately that colour.  See how it affects you during the day. 

Red is passionate and confident while pink is calming and promotes acceptance.  Orange outwardly is creative, curious and warm while yellow is seen as happy and friendly.  Green symbolises fertility and increase while blue symbolises truth, peace and sincerity.  Purple is mystery and imagination while white shows purity, cleanliness and openness.  Brown is the colour of solidity and humbleness while black is threatening, concealing and formal.    

The next way you can use colour to heal is in the holistic healing practise known as chromotherapy.  In this therapy the patient is asked to lie down and beams of light are shone onto the body.  This therapy came about thanks to the work of Nobel Prize nominee Fritz-Albert Popp in the 1970s. He found that all natural organisms emit light energy at the cellular level and that all organic life absorbs light and processes it internally.  So by beaming different colours at the body, that light is absorbed and hopefully effects will be found. 

Dr. Peter Mandel, who is a German scientist went one further and discovered that when specific acupuncture points, reflex zones and other established grid systems in the body are irradiated with focused coloured light beams, some symptoms could be alleviated within just a few minutes. Again this research has been taken a step further and Russian scientists concluded that our bodies have channels of light that parallel the body’s 12 energy meridians as used in Chinese acupuncture.

The following colours have the following effects when used in cromotherapy. 

Green is used to heal and strengthen the bodies systems.  These can be the nervous system, gastric system or glandular systems.  It is also a good colour to fight depression or other psychological problems that may cause physical symptoms, for example bulimia.   Blue is a calming colour and is used to reduce blood pressure, breathing and heart rate.  Its primary purpose is to fight physical and mental tension. 

 Red is the opposite of blue in that it is used to energise and stimulate.  It can be used to stimulate excitement and sensuality.  Yellow is a purifying colour, purifying blood and digestion systems.  Finally white is used to regenerate the bodies systems and stimulates the production of serotonin which helps both sleep and the nervous systems.