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How to get in Touch with yourself

The only steps you have to take, in order to discover yourself, are the ones leading out your front door. Go to work; go to a gas station, a supermarket or to the movies. Go bowling, shopping, skiing, parachuting or bungee jumping. Put yourself in different situations. Your self-discovery will be in how you react to each. You will discover who you are quickly, as not all of those situations will be pleasant ones.

You’ll be surprised at discovering how patient you are, how honest and trusting, how observant and how shy you can be. What you “thought” you would do in a particular situation, may not be what you end up actually doing. You’ll discover your true colors if, and only when, you put crayon to paper. When you find yourself (physically) in different situations, that’s when you take mental note. To discover yourself, you need to place yourself. Until you do, your determination bases (about yourself) is constructed from assumptions and you end up never (really) discovering anything.

So many are so sure they know themselves. They know that they would never endanger anyone else’s life. Until the day, they happened to be at the gas station right at the time an armed robbery was in progress and then they discover that they would. They know that they would always show respect for senior citizens. Until the day, they park in the handicap space at the supermarket and then they discover that they don’t. We can’t actually say we know ourselves; we know what we would do, until we …do.

The only way to learn how to discover yourself is to unearth you. You have to start digging and scenarios don’t come with shovels. You have to take the scenarios out of the equation and put your “self” where they were in order to ascertain your responses. If you want to know, for sure, that you would never bungee jump, you are going to have to look over the railing; and your imagination is just not going carry you to the bridge.

The more discoveries you make of yourself, the better (or worse) “self” you become. What you may have once prided yourself on may now bring you shame. What once made you snicker may now bring a tear. The best and worst thing about self-discovery is that it teaches you something about yourself. What you learn, is up to you. You can take what you have unearthed and polish it up or you can re-bury it. It’s your find, it’s your call.