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How to Develop and Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude

You wonder how some incredibly unbelievable people you met in life have been able to keep away from carrying grudges against bad circumstances, disloyal friends, unloving family members, and dire events in life. If you deny having met one, you must have seen these people’s lives vicariously even from just watching your favorite TV shows. What gives them tick? The main answer lies in being able to cultivate and sustain an attitude of gratefulness towards life in all its wonderful and humbling offerings. To develop an outlook of gratitude is easy enough, but to sustain it calls for something else. A few suggestions below:

1)    Pursue a spiritual path, no matter how most everyone in your world derides you for taking time to do so. Do this by engaging a minimum of 20 minutes daily being just by your self. Some do it by visiting a church, a garden, being in their bedrooms, or just being away from the crowds. We’re spiritual beings, living and loving in a very physical world. We need to get away at least once a day from the vagaries of life. To do this, recognize the path towards the spirit, the opening of which lies in the depths of your mind and heart. This is full of trials and failures, more than anything else, but you may just have to persist on pursuing this path. And you’ll come face to face with the need to be grateful most times in your life.

2)    Learn to forgive yourself for past mistakes, even those you’ve committed very recently. Nothing much you can do about these mistakes but to learn from them. Forgive others, too, on a daily basis. You got to learn to forgive, as there’s no other way in order to push through with life. This will, also, help you focus on what you have on hand, and use this more consciously in your ongoing journey.

3)    Be comfortable in wearing a smiling face, even if most people around you do otherwise. You must have known that it takes less facial muscles to smile, than to frown. Plus it makes you look younger than you really are. Smile at yourself, the minute you get up from bed, and come face to face with your still-sleepy self in front of the mirror. That face will certainly bounce back to you a grateful day that’s full of amazing, minute surprises.

4)    Deliberately keep away from ungrateful people, who chances are, are also those who mock you, put you down, and lead miserable personal lives. Do it your own way. You deserve to attract into your network individuals who are also in the same journey as yours, to become more grateful towards life.

5)    Say “thank you” more often than necessary, until you notice some people get taken aback by your attitude. There are ways of saying “thank you” other than just merely uttering the very words. Your behavior has to complement the way you say “thank you.” Mean it, and say it complete with glowing, happy eyes, and your message will come across more delightfully to others (and even to your own self, in case you’re not used to saying “thank you” now).

6)    Plan to be grateful. You may have to write down at least 5 things each end of the day in your journal a few of those you’ve grateful of. This works in the long run, as this sets your mind towards an attitude of gratitude.

7)    Be a conscious positive role model to others, without telling them on your efforts to remain grateful. They will soon notice, and be asking you about your secrets. If ever this comes about, just feel free to share about your ideas on your deliberate decision to be grateful in life, no matter what.

Take action now.