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How to Detox your Thoughts from all Negativity

Detox. What is the first thing that comes to mind when we see or hear the word? To cleanse perhaps? Withdraw from? Go cold turkey? Get rid of?

To ‘detox’ means to rid yourself of something, to withdraw from a substance that is harmful to your body or general being. Detoxing your thoughts means to withdraw from negative or cloudy thoughts that cause misery, depression, and may even invite suicidal thoughts.

As humans, it is normal for people to worry, to think about their future, the past, even the present. Your brain is on the move from the minute you wake up until the next moment you lose yourself to sleep. You can’t help but think; it’s how people were made to function. It’s normal for your inner critic to criticize sometimes; it cautions you and makes you pause and analyze before you act or make a decision. However, when it comes to the point where you begin to over-think, over-analyze, and spend your every moment thinking about what you should do, shouldn’t do, or should’ve done, then you have reached the point of danger. You should never let your inner critic overwhelm you with cautionary thoughts or let it control the way you think, and, ultimately, the way you act.

When you find your mind becoming too crowded with negative or critical thoughts, the first thing you need to do is STOP whatever it is you’re doing at that moment. Take slow but deep breaths. Close your eyes and get your mind to calm down. Thinking about everything at once will not get anything done.

Next, whether at that moment or at a later point when you have the time, write down the thoughts that are clouding your mind. Go through them one at a time, and try to find out the root cause of the thoughts. Ask yourself, why am I thinking about this? Did something happen to bring this on? What is it that I’m hoping to accomplish in this area of my thoughts?

Face each thought that has been written down, decipher them, rip them apart, try to find out what, why, how, when? You are your thoughts. When you constantly think negative, you will begin to act that way and exude a negative aura. Take control of each negative or cloudy thought, dissect and shred them until there’s nothing left, until you being to wonder why you wasted so much time thinking about it in the first place.

If your thoughts are negative thoughts concerning yourself physical or intellectual-wise, write them down, and then on another sheet write down the positive equivalent of those thoughts. Flush out thoughts that criticize your body or size. Declare things that you know you are good at and known for. Learn to accept and love yourself as you are, and learn to accept that it is okay if some people don’t think you’re beautiful, you should feel that you are, and that is all that should matter.

If one of your thoughts is telling you, ‘you’re fat and unattractive’, write it down, and then think it through. Think: ‘Is my weight affecting my health?’ ‘What can I do to improve my health?’ ‘Do I need to sign up for a gym membership?’ ‘Is there a good healthy diet that I can take on?’ Be proactive. Merely thinking and desiring will not get things done, if you wish to lose weight, be proactive and serious about it.

If your thoughts are telling you you’re not smart, first declare that you are intelligent, stable, warm, and loving. Then think, ‘If my lack of knowledge in this area is causing me this much worry, what can I do about it? What can I do to improve the situation?’ Again, become proactive and explore options. Take classes if necessary, if you desire. This way, you can become more knowledgeable in the subject area in question.

If you’re a shy person and your inner critic constantly bugs you about it, become proactive and research on workshops or seminars to help you step out of your comfort zone and make you become more comfortable in your own skin, and around other people.

Over-thinking can also come as a result of over-working and the stress that comes with trying to juggle both work and personal life at once. Try to find a balance between both worlds. Don’t take on more work that you’re able to handle. If you’re into music, listen to your favorite tunes while working, if your work permits it. Take small breaks and go for walks; enjoy the scenery around you, even if the scenery is made up of only people. This helps a great deal in freeing your mind and eliminating a lot of unwanted thoughts that hang on to the corners of your mind.

Cluttering at home or anywhere you have your personal space can also lead to psychological cluttering. Let go of old things, clothes, furniture, get rid of them and give space for new things and experiences. You’ll find that your mind will appreciate the physical space, and you can breathe easier and relax more.

Exercising also helps to detox your mind and keep it free from cloudy thoughts. Exercise relaxes your body and brain, and whether it’s a full work-out at the gym or simple stretches and sit-ups at home, you’ll come out feeling strong and energized, with a clear mind and ready to take on the world.

Learn to take control of your mind. Attack those negative thoughts and flush them out of your consciousness. Override them with positive affirmations about yourself and your abilities. Realize that thinking about everything, at all times, does not change anything except stress you and eventually make you sick, both physically and psychologically.

Allow your mind to dwell on positive thoughts, and eventually, your thoughts will become you.