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How to Control your Dreams

Dreams are one of God’s ways of getting a message or an answer to us. We are designed to overcome any adverse situation. God’s attitude toward His children is peaceful. On the other hand, the evil spirit seeks to do harm. His attitude brings terror. Do you ever comment, “I feel terrible?” That could possibly be the terror agent right there. So if you are having horrible or terrifying dreams, consider your state of mind. Are you worried about a situation? If you are, the worry demons are coming to visit you tonight. Perhaps you are having some fearful or anxious thoughts. Therefore, you’re dreaming that something bad is going to happen. Look out, you’re opening the windows and doors, allowing fear to come on it. Eliminate fear. It’s like deadly poison. Nothing can live where fear is. Throw it away! You’ve got my first secret.

Change your desires. Your attention usually follows your desires. Think about pleasant sleep and peaceful dreams, and you’ll be following my second secret. One thing that I’ve found that work for me is, reading a chapter or verse from the Bible. Also I listen to Gospel music. Now some sleep experts don’t recommend listening to music, but what do you do? Play music and sleep, or play no music, and stay awake. The choice is yours. Well I like to do what works for me. That’s my third secret; you can have it. There’s no charge to you. Catch it!

You have what you say. Some people have a problem with that, but it’s really true. You have whatsoever you say. If your words have sounded something like this, “I can’t sleep, or I’m having awful dreams; stop?” It would be to your advantage to start saying, “I have sweet sleep, and enjoy beautiful dreams.” That’s my fourth powerful secret. Grab it! It’ll be a good idea to eliminate watching things on television that upset you right before you go to bed. You’ll be glad you did. Let go! That’s my fifth secret. If you are not a prayerful person, incorporate that into your life morning and before bed at night. Do it! It won’t hurt you, but it’ll be good for you. You’ll never be the same again. That’s my sixth secret.

Things to remember:

Eliminate fear
Change your desires
Read the Bible and listen to music
Watch what you say
Omit late television watching

You can take control of your dreams. Exercise these six secrets, because positive powerful dreams belong to you. Whatever works for you, fill free to pass it on. We are in this world together-not alone. Dreaming is a part of life. It should be exciting, informative, and revealing.