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How to Cheer up Friends

Life can be difficult and sometimes it reduces people to tears. This is one of the facts of life, but what can we do to comfort others when they break down in front of us? It can be tough to watch someone cry and it can leave you feeling helpless but don’t worry! Cheering people up can be easy and rewarding if you go about it the right way! So here are some ways a good friend might go about stopping the tears.


Language plays a really crucial role in changing our emotions. So be very positive and uplifting. Don’t criticize and try to empathise with them- but stay upbeat. Shower your friend with encouragement and compliments. Make the person feel valued and it will lighten the mood.

Try to make the person laugh. If you can turn the situation into something humorous it will seem far less upsetting to your friend. When someone is feeling emotional it’s usually easy to make them laugh simply out of nervousness so give it a shot! That will provide instant release of a lot of tension and makes talking about tough subjects easier.


Many people feel very uncomfortable about being around someone who has just turned on the waterworks. However, try not to come across as awkward. Your body language speaks volumes. Make good eye contact with your friend. This will make them feel connected to you. Smile deeply at them. Don’t be afraid to give your friend a hug or hold their hand etc. Physical closeness can be very comforting. It is important that you be there for your friend. Give the impression that your really there with them by being as engaged as possible in the conversation. Give him/her your full attention, lean your body towards them and tilt your ear closer.


Give your friend time. Give them someone to vent to and let them feel like their problems have really and truly been heard.

Offer to go out for a walk with your friend. The fresh air will help clear their head and calm them down and by physically doing something it will make the awkward bits and the silent bits easier.

Make plans with your friend. By giving them something fun to look forward to it will make them feel happier. Suggest going out at the weekend together or having a movie night in etc.

Promise to be there for a troubling event. Sometimes people just need moral support and if this person is crying to you it’s clear they are hoping to find that in you.

Follow this advice and your friend will be feeling chirpy again in no time! Remember, a friend is supposed to be your tissue when you can’t stop crying! So do your best and hope that when you need someone they will return the favour!

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