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How to be Reborn

Have you found a purpose for your life yet? Or are you still searching? Maybe you think you already have the best life, but aren’t there times when you wonder if there is more? There is more to life than money, success, and power. A big house, filled with things, a swimming pool in your back yard, the perfect body, a great spouse…these things can’t make you happy. You will always be searching for something to fill that void.

You were made for so much more. You are lost. You’re a sinner just like everyone else. But someone is calling to you. You can hear Him calling when you’re searching for that boyfriend or girlfriend that you think you need, or those new pairs of shoes…or getting a great job. He is pulling at your heart, trying to make you realize that you need Him, and nothing else. God put a desire in your heart to seek truth.

When I first decided that I needed to change, and have God in my life, I didn’t really understand that He is more than just a God that I can hear about on Sunday, and give me temporary relief. Being a Christian isn’t a religion, it’s a lifestyle. I didn’t know that God could make me happy. I just couldn’t grasp that. I heard a song and she was singing about how a man, or a diamond ring, or a hit single wouldn’t make her happy. Only God can make her happy. And I was just thinking inside that she didn’t really mean it – like she was faking. But now I can totally see how only God can make me happy. It’s really true.

Before I got to know God, I was always looking for something else. Maybe you’re still looking for something more too. I thought maybe if I have more friends I’ll be happy. Or if only I lived in a mansion. Or if my parents were different. Or if I had a boyfriend that loved me, I would be happy. But these things can only bring you a false sense of happiness for a short period of time, because God is always going to be reaching for you, and you are always going to feel that empty space in your heart, until you let Him fill it. This life is so short. It’s gone before you have time to grab onto it. Eternity is…longer than time. It never ends. Isn’t your soul worth saving?

I don’t know why people don’t just give this a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain. I used to think that Christians were psychotic. I mean I believed in God and Jesus but even Satan believes in them. That doesn’t mean I had a love for Him, or had a solid faith in my heart. Anything could have set me off track. One atheist could probably convince me in ten seconds that there is no God. But now I know for sure there is. I can feel it and it’s all that makes sense. I have an answer for anything. No one can stop me now.

If you want to be born again, here is how…

1. Open a Bible.

You will never understand your need for a savior and the seriousness of sin unless you dig into a Bible for yourself. Don’t get too scared reading some of the Old Testament. A lot of the things that people did wrong, like working on the Sabbath, and losing their virginity before marriage, would mean being stoned to death. Of course we’re not gonna go out and stone people now. And God doesn’t want that. That is in the Bible because it shows how bad sin really is, and why we need Jesus. And He was always trying to preserve his people to be able to create a lineage to Jesus. If everything had always been pretty great, we wouldn’t even need Jesus. But we’re in desperate need of Jesus, and you first must understand that.

2. Confession.

You have to understand that you are not a good person, and never really will be until we go to heaven. Realize that you have done wrong, and don’t try to make excuses. Sin is wrong, and you need Jesus. Get on your knees and ask Jesus to make you clean and to come into your heart. Tell him everything. Spill your guts. Angels will be rejoicing in heaven when you finally come home to God. He knew you before you were born. He made you.

3. Repent.

You can’t just say that you’ve sinned and ask Jesus to cover your sin if you aren’t serious about changing. You can’t love God, and love to sin at the same time or nothing has changed. You will develop new habits, and you will love all things godly. You won’t be the same at all. You’ll be a new creation. You can’t just go to church on Sunday and forget about God the rest of the week if you’re truly reborn. God will be the main focus of everything you do. You will have a passion for Him and always be seeking Him. Lots of people, (including how I once thought) think that if we ask Jesus to fogive us, that it’s all over and we can do as we please. It gives you no right to use Jesus as a free ticket to sin and forget about Him. I suggest you watch the movie, The Passion of The Christ. It made me see how serious it is that he died for my sins, and it was my sin that helped put him on the cross. I now see sin as from Satan, because it is, and if I sin, I can just see Jesus so disappointed in me, and I remember the cross and it disgusts me that I could still act like I belong to Satan. I am a child of God, and I won’t forget that.

4. Sanctification.

You can’t just pray to God and be forgiven and then forget about it. It’s a constant battle between the Spirit and the flesh. Pray constantly. God loves to hear from you. Isn’t that amazing? The One that made all the animals, and the earth, the stars, the sun and the moon, actually cares about you and longs for you to talk to Him! Jesus will always work in your heart, making your better little by little, and always revealing things to you that you didn’t know were wrong with you. This will always go on. There is always something to improve on. No one is perfect. We never will be until heaven. He loves you anyways. He loves you because He chooses to love you, only if you will choose to accept His gift of giving up his life. As long as you’re really trying, and you want to know God, you’ll be fine. His grace is sufficient for you. Take every opportunity you can to learn more about your Father. This journey is a long and hard one, but it’s well worth it. And it’s definately a million times better than living life on your own without God.