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How Strength and Victory in Life can come from Acquiring Direct Knowledge of God

How strength and victory in life can only ever come, only ever from our acquiring direct knowledge of God, by our loving God sufficiently strongly enough in our lives, and from our lives.

Personal growth comes from self knowledge for the unlikely reason that self knowledge creates more self love.

Without such self love, self knowledge never sticks with us, or we ignore it, and bury it, and so this means that we do not then learn, or grow from it. This is usually because we are afraid of learning about who we really are, and this is so often a direct result of our not loving ourselves sufficiently strongly enough.

When we love ourselves, this opens us to understanding ourselves, and so this then leads us to self knowledge, and as we obtain more self knowledge, we will usually then also find ourselves loving ourselves more then as well. One follows the other.

This topic of  personal growth, personal victory, and gaining personal strength within God also relates directly to a person’s personal belief in God. When we have knowledge of God, we are also having personal victories within him, because of the strength being gained from our loving God.

The Christian bible advises us to love God with our whole person, and then it also tells us that by so doing all else will be added back into our lives.

This advice is given in this well known verse from Saint Matthew’s gospel.

This first verse is from the King James version of the bible, Matthew chapter 22, and verse 37.

” Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.”

” But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

The second verse given above is also from Saint Matthew’s gospel, and is from chapter 6, and verse 33.

This is all about our putting God first in our life, and this we will then find will bring us strength, and this is the only real victory that is ever really possible for any of us to achieve in our lives.

All other victories remain hollow without this knowledge of God showing you why and how the victory was obtained, and indicating to you the lessons of love that can be learned from each such victory taking place for you within your own life. In this way, every single life experience becomes a victory for you, as it builds more your strength within God, by increasing the power of your loving connection to him, by your understanding more about how his truths are living within you, trying to be you for him.

When we love God, we receive knowledge about him directly from him, and so we increase our knowledge about God’s position within our own lives, and as a result of our learning more about his truths, we also then will be enthused to love him more.

Knowledge leads to more love, and love leads to more knowledge

Is this true though, just how is knowledge related to love?

Knowledge is simply the rendition of love’s truths into consciousness.

This happens when a mind is created that can understand that love lives in its heart, while conversing to it through consciousness.

Knowledge comes alive within love, whilst love itself is already alive within all things. It is just a matter of looking for this love within every experience, and it will then always be found. This leads us then to learning more about love from that experience, and so this then builds more, our own knowledge of its truths, and how they live in us being us.

Consciousness creates knowing within your mind, by placing love’s truths in your heart first.

How exactly do we personally grow from being given the gift of love from God, or from anyone else?

Love brings us its own gifts, when it is being given out, or lived from.

These gifts are the same gifts of the spirit that the bible refers to.

The bible tells us of some of these gifts in this verse from Galatians chapter 5, verses 22 to 23.

” But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.”

Various translations will list them slightly differently, and words such as meekness, temperance, and longsuffering might sometimes be substituted here instead of these ones. This translation is the from the New International version of the bible.

These are all gifts of love, or manifestations of that love as given to you by God. When you love another, you give them the gift of yourself in connecting to the love in them. This helps to further draw the love out from their own heart by attraction to the love that you are sending to them, and this will then help them to grow into this love from this love, and this is the only real growth that is possible.

Real personal growth can only ever take place from love, and within love. This is because we grow personally from gaining a greater understanding of how to love wisely, and consciously.

How do we gain strength and victory from, or through the knowledge of God?

Strength builds in a person connected to God from love, and as love’s strength increases, so does his knowledge of both himself and of God, and of his or her own place within God. Knowing who you are within God is perhaps the ultimate victory for each one of us to be ever able to obtain for ourselves.