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How Religion can Lead to Violence under their Cloaks

It is easy to see how religion can lead to violence because it is a man coined term which, due to it being a very personal belief system can be as emotional as politics.

With there being so many different religions among the nations, race and creeds of many doctrines also clash. Time has passed on just how much mankind has held to their variations and roots of their beliefs, but where break-away sects have separated themselves from the main core, it becomes a divided cause, and is always against itself.

More debates break into sheer rivalry as to who is right and who is wrong until factions form ego’s to feed their inner flocks. When those faithful to their leader find themselves confronted over disagreements of what they cannot even share any-more – :themselves – deeper separation issues transpire. Family and friends become detached by a more affected state of mind, spilling over the borders of nationalities who were once united even as next of kin.

Any with the belief of more status are usually the first to find reason with enmity over those boundaries called country and language. Some with their Supreme belief being the One and only cannot envisage any unity with another, even if they do accept that same Being has a different name to their own. If the slightest deviation occurs, one is false and the other accurate.

Simmering personalities begin to rear their ugly side of human attributes laying claim to their theological virtues in place of why they even have a godhead in the first place. The whole scenario of why religion leads to aggression and warfare is already in sight, joining hands with those who become political statements included.

Time accumulates both manpower and weaponry gathering forces into military strategies, finding excuse to conquer or be defeated. Alms of free-will offerings become martyrs to the glory of their Divine Leader, with the promise of a life eternal in paradise.

Once there is no turning back by opposing sides until blood is shed, the human sacrifice which usually gave birth  to the very belief itself is in action. The reasons why religion can lead to violence are filled with extremely personal content which touch the heart of the believer … leaving the thought beyond belief as to why it must even end in tragedy at all.

Despite Atheism and Agnosticism being based more on disbelief and scepticism, as a whole they are less likely to become heated in their own orientation of what they believe with a personal deity removed from the equation.